He popped his cherry

Cotton Swab

Ever heard of an eargasm? It’s similar to an orgasm but this gasm happens in the ear, stimulated by none other than a q-tip, after showering. Eric popped his cherry the other day.

“Ah honey, there is blood on the q-tip” I say as he walks through the kitchen pulling the fuzzy white tipped stimulator out of his ear.

“Oh.” Eric responds pushing the q-tip back into his ear to finish it.

He walked away and we both conitinued with our day. Today however, while laughing to myself about the incident thinking ah my boyfriend popped his cherry. Laughing outloud now by this revelation I stare at him.

“What! wwwhhat, is so funny?”

“You popped your cherry yesterday.”

“It’s not funny. It HURT!”

Roaring I said “It won’t hurt again. It only hurts the first time…”

Staring with an embarrassed smirk he sighs “Jessica…”

You know, he even gets that googly-eyed-look as he does this, daily. It is a strange pleasure, but not unheard of.
*This image of the cotton swab links to this page at Wikipedia.org.

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