Have you ever STOPPED

…just stopped. Began entering someone elses world. Really in fact though just another variety of your world. Branded, alternatively named. It’s just the name you know given by man to ideas, places and things. Until something is given a name do we not communicate with other human beings; anything – that, is unamed. So now you are stopped. Having no communcation. You can not even fathom a reason to contiue on and BOOM. It’s all gone.


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6 thoughts on “Have you ever STOPPED”

  1. Having no communcation.

    Try this out for communication: I’m tagging you for a creative writing meme starting at my blog. See what you can do with it.

    But first I hope you can see what’s going on at my blog (this is flic at Balloon. We talked at BlogMad).

    I think my template is fixed for Firefox now. Check that out for an initial test of communication.

    See you.

  2. I like the idea of the creative writing meme. I will post something today in a stand alone post about this, while I think about what I am going to write.

  3. Glad you are joining in on the meme range. You are now on my links page 😉 Part of my possy.

    The more the memery!

    A memory of meme – Memery – meme memories – collective conciousness?

  4. Memetics is totally fascinating. You are part of my links as well Jess.

    Linguistic memes are also quite interesting. I could go on and on about the subject.

  5. Thanks for the link range. Hmmm linguitic memes. I need to get my video up and going on this site. I have been working with animation and film for just over three years.

    Could a linguistic meme possibly be a podcast that is memed to another to continue? Has that even been done on the net yet? Hmmm ideas?

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