The weekly weigh-in with my alter ego Vanesica

Vanesica - vector rendering - Jessica DoyleThis conversation is between my online/offline self.

Vanesica “How is your diet going?”
Jessica “Who the hell are you?”
Vanesica “I am but one half of you”
Jessica “Can I throw you away then?”

In order of appearance - Jessica, Eric, Tomoko, Ian, Chester and Junko

This week has been a great one for enjoying the great outdoors in Vancouver.

Friday I spent out at Tomoko and Ian’s place. They have cows, two adult goats whom fell in love and had a baby to make three, one collie (nick named Ribs) who ridiculously herds the three goats at all times, and a brand new little kitten. So much fun! They have an adult sized wading pool where we spent much of our time swimming around in to stay cool. They also garden as Eric and I do except they plant directly in the ground where we garden in containers simply because, we are four floors up. Between eating rotisserie BBQ chicken, painting our toe-nails, laughing at the men’s fascination (addiction) to Magic The Gathering (at least they actually play the card game and don’t just buy them, open them up and then put them away as others do) and wandering around the property; it was, an awesome evening/night. Tomoko looks beautiful with her little belly. She is four monthes along now. When Eric and I arrived home I had an email in my inbox from Chester


Mischief could describe my friendship with Chester. What began as strictly business three years ago evolved into a hilarious exploration and discussion Saturday into why I feel like a piece of green snot, how he began physically struggling to deconstruct string theory using my collapsable hula hoop to fly away with and why so many freakin’ people at a clothing optional beach are wearing none other than clothes! Go to another beach! LOL! There is nothing like floating in warm salt water, from one end of the beach to the other at sunset, naked.

Sunday was a day of recovery from Friday and saturday. Amen! Eric and I however at 7:00pm went to Stanley Park to Second Beach to swim. The wind was up, the waves were great, the water warm and Eric didn’t even go swimming. Grumpy man!

Monday, monday (ba-da ba-da-da-da) So good to me (ba-da ba-da-da-da) could be described as unadulterated care for my garden and household day. After all I am a House-woman not to be mixed up with House-wife. And last night this woman resumed a project 10 years in the making.

So that brings us all to today (Tuesday) 😉 The afore mentioned project in it’s infancy. It is a secret. Don’t say anything ok? Later, tonight I will be walking to Junko’s for supper while Eric attends his photography class.

Ah yeah… you probably want some relevant weigh-in stats eh?

bust – 37.5″ (beginning bust – 39″)
waist – 31.75″ (beginning waist – 33.5″)
bum – 40.75″ (beginning bum – 42.5″)

Total combined inches lost is 5″ thus far. The rest of my diet related entries can be found here. Don’t forget to check out everyone else participating in The Diet! Don’t be scared to say hello!

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3 thoughts on “The weekly weigh-in with my alter ego Vanesica”

  1. Sometimes the other half of us can be our worst enemy. Too bad we can’t get rid of them though. LOL

    I’m trying to stay in the diet momentum dude. But it was hard with family here a few weeks ago. Now I gotta start from square one again. BLAH!

    Good job on yours though. Looks like you’re hanging in there!
    *huggles girl*

  2. Hey! I just found you on 25peeps (I’m up there with you) and saw this post about your weigh in. I’m ALSO a part of The-Diet!

    Small world huh?


    Good luck with the weight loss and if you need a sponsor / buddy / someone to whine to when the cravings kick in… I’m around :)

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