Story of the Murdered Cockroach

Page 1 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica Doyle…and she realized that it was only a visual halucination caused by the acid she had ingested the day before. She came to glancing beside her then down as a cockroach promptly entered the room from underneath the door where her head had just been. Moving her hand to the floor pushing her body into an upright position she looks to the person on the bed. The remnants of the illusion disapear along with the cockroach. Blinking she removes her coat. She steps up standing now. The bed sits untouched. Shrouded in darkness she strips naked.

Was the cockroach real; or just another late night after effect of too many drugs taken for too many days. She whispers I need to sleep and not on the floor this time fearing another cockroach could actually burrow it’s way into her ear. Stepping into bed, pulling the covers over her head she smiles giggling, remembering her first awkward encounter with a female German cockroach… and how she, in haste, recorded the event as it took place one night back in late December 2005 while watching an artists documentary on PBS.

Page 2 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica DoylePage 3 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica DoylePage 4 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica DoylePage 5 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica Doyle

Note This was a creative story meme I accepted from flic. Thanks Dude!

This is what it is like to have an anxiety induced phobia come on all because of a little murdered cockroach 😉 LOL. The images I scanned in at real life dimensions for legibility. They are, however a little large once you click on them. Please be patient.

In the spirit of learning meme I tag Bonita In Pink. Thank sweety for being the first one to initially tag me with a meme a couple of months ago. I didn’t know what it was. I had to do some research. I now understand. I’ll also accept your meme now.

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10 thoughts on “Story of the Murdered Cockroach”

  1. Wow… girl, you just blow me away with your beautiful writing.
    No wonder you are the “emotion creator”! *hehe*

    Wow… ok… let me try to do this. I suck at writing stories. LOL They usually turn into those kid stories that start off as, “Once upon a time there was a little…” haha!
    I’ll give it my best shot.
    Thank you girl! Oh, and don’t worry. I did the same thing when I first head about a “meme”. I was like, “what do you mean, ME ME! It’s always about you!” hahaha. j/k!

    I’ll let you know when I post this on my blog!


  2. LOL!!! me me exactly! I was like WTF is a meme? I had to go to the wiki and see….

    Thanks sweetie! I love little kids stories! I did a whole semester in college studying and illustrating them. Write away to your hearts content!

  3. If you think a meme is weird, think about memetics, that’s even more complicated!

    Loved the drawings & writing.

  4. Hi range

    Memetics – ohh something else to wrap my brain around and ponder. hmm yay! It’s too bad during university my sociology instructor didn’t touch on meme… that was back in 1991 though 5 years before it came into existance.

    Susan Blackmore I beleive hit in on the ball!

    Susan Blackmore (2002) re-stated the meme definition as whatever is copied from one person to another person, whether habits, skills, songs, stories, or any other kind of information. Further she said that memes, like genes, are replicators. That is, they are information that is copied with variation and selection. Because only some of the variants survive, memes (and hence human cultures) evolve. Memes are copied by imitation, teaching and other methods, and they compete for space in our memories and for the chance to be copied again. Large groups of memes that are copied and passed on together are called co-adapted meme complexes, or memeplexes. In her definition, thus, the way that a meme replicates is through imitation. This requires brain capacity to generally imitate a model or selectively imitate the model. Since the process of social learning varies from one person to another, the imitation process cannot be said to be completely imitated. The sameness of an idea may be expressed with different memes supporting it. This is to say that the mutation rate in memetic evolution is extremely high, and mutations are even possible within each and every interaction of the imitation process. It becomes very interesting when we see that a social system composed of a complex network of microinteractions exists, but at the macro level an order emerges to create culture.

    Memetics is becoming the new artists playground! This is fucking fabulous. Thank you for the word! Susan has great hair! Go color!

  5. Can I just observe that the little flashy-flash thing your site does when I click on a photo–that’s tres chic.

  6. Nocturnal – thankyou :)

    range – lol – word of mouth gone bonkers!

    Darren – Thak you. The plugin I use to do this is from this here. It was the eastiest lightbox plugin I could find to install and actually begin using. The others were fairly complicated for me to understand code wise. After trying three I settled on the one currently in use on this site.

  7. From your own personal “wiktionary”…

    it’s “come to” (only one “o”) and “shrouded”

    Always ready to help and get slammed for it…

    – M

  8. Hi Marcheline!

    Thanks for the typo finding. I will adjust the spelling momentarily. No slamming from me. It’s all good. I welcome help. Cheers and thank you.

    😉 typos are fixed :)

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