What do spammers actually get from spamming – ooowooooho lets go spamming

Is it the same as ooowooooho lets go dancing


ooowooooho lets go spam blogs with email tonight honey. Let’s go see how many people we can trick who live in other parts of the world. Ohhh Fred that sounds wonderful. Spam spam everywhere spam blocking out the genuine comments left behind.

Askimet___ did you—— hear that.

It’s ahh just perhaps a game to them it is not that big a deal. If we try not to block them they will get bored and need to flies flies everywhere a flie; biting you chasing you there’s nowhere left to hide. This’s a just a joke I hope you’re laughing now.

I’m just a crazy artist
loves her new medium
paintin’ around

Any— how.

ooowooooho lets go spamming

show a middle aged couple who’s kids have been gone for a while living in their home sitting side by side working on their computers minding their time. Vaigra this and viagra hard hat now! man included.info.net.com.name/clickehereOHHHHHyeah fred well I just sent glossyvegasgetawaywithcasinoCASINO @@@.com.ho and I fooled three people into clicking it. Ha! Ha!


hmmmm. youknowthere are many babies in this wiould TarZan and they will only multiply into morebabire to enter this know universwe of wiki,. Good god. AUUUUUUhhhhhum.

contact: john@gmail.com/johnauhm
thank you for this matter into your concern.

Haha! it flew through ASKIMET honey holding up the most recent updates he downloaded from backtracking his feed through Askimet to the other known universe called digg he then googles the response twice counts to three and BANM! He got it! He’s in now typing furiously not knowing if he can continue on and finally he creates the filter needed to install on firefox. This plugin can not only do this but it can do THIS this AND eveneeeeee this.


What are your stats tonight?
three spoof sites and 65ร‚ยข. You-?

Just seeing how my new installation technology works.
Askimet is working pretty good tonight after I ran the largest spam war at it, in the history of it receiving spam; to my baby.

Wanna play again tomorrow night Fred?
ok Wilma
Let’s go to bed.

Ruph ruff raouuuph scoobie doobie dooooooooo ooowooooho lets go spamming! 32 Helens agree.

where are you we need you now in be-adddddddd

uh. yeah; time to um ahhhhh…

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18 thoughts on “What do spammers actually get from spamming – ooowooooho lets go spamming”

  1. Unfortunately, spammers have a lot to gain, mainly because it’s just so easy for them. It’s an all automated process which nets them thousands of dollars for some, per day.

    It’s sad and is a drain on our economy…I hates them soooooo much. I know there is an article somewhere that talks about how much they cost the US each year and when i find it I will post it for you.

  2. Chris – yes, they are definately costing the world money. I beleive I wrote this to find some humour in it all. Because when we can no longer laugh at something it becomes rather sad. Yes please post the article I would like to read it :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Bonita – OMG I do also. I just had to make fun of them though. Physically they are not killing anyone but what they do is annoying and sometimes having a good laugh breaks the seriousness of the issue. Some of the spam I get are actually hilarious to read ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I hate spammers too. But what about slogs? They are even worse. Here is an example of one. new2dating.com/web

    I dont know why, but I get about 10 incoming links from this joker.

    Spammers are shit. Especially those “by the way, youve won the lottery, give me your SSN so that you can claim it”

    I even received a letter once at home. Funny, because I rarely give out my addy or phone number.

  4. Range – new2dating.com/web is bad. I guess the thing that gets me is what does one do when they find their own material being used or mashed up on one of those blogs/sites containg a reciprocal link or worse no link at all?

    That would worry me if I recieved a letter at homebut no more than the 3 or 4 credit card spam applications I get. Dont’ they know I’m poor already! lol

  5. Like this site psychicinvestigator.com/door/female-hysteria.php and this one tips.homeandgardening.info/blogs/gardening-shoes/3500/ The second one just says my own definition of what an emotion creator is with no link to my site. My site is listed and an article I wrote is on both? I’ve found a few of these actually. Every couple of days I check with some key words and I am beginning to find one every time I search. LOL

  6. Yeah, the letter at home was totally weird. It was from Spain saying I had won the lottery or some thing like that. I wrote a post about it or used it as a title. I think I kept it around. Splogs are spam blogs. People who open up accounts and use them for spamming. Actually, on WP.com, there arent that many because they dont allow any ads.

  7. A linkjack. Interesting. Yeah the ones that supply a link back to the originating site where the content was first created is not so bad. You can actually find others who are talking about the same thing. However, the one with the garden stuff does not link back to my site. Thx for the info about that.

    A spanish spam splog. Say that three times fast.

  8. Spamming is a complete waste of energy and resources for those being Spammed. Means millions to those who are the Spammers. I hate Spam.

  9. Usless man that is hilarious! Entertainment for you in a way by responding to the spammers with spam. It is rather a genious idea!

    Chester – i’m right there with you! However useless man’s idea is kind of neet? Send it right back at ’em! lol

  10. Thank goodness for filters ๐Ÿ˜› The spam song is in my head now XD I remembered when a friend of mine got attacked by such rubbish because he forgot about the comment moderation, he, he :)

  11. range – Korean spam. Set up a bogus hotmail account, copy and paste all the spam you Korean spam into a new email and CC or BCC it to him another 1000 times ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mentatoh – Comment moderation is a saviour.

    Something odd has happened since I published this post about spam. My daily spam intake has doubled from what it used to be. Be wary of ever wrting a post making fun of spammers.

  12. Okay, I’ll keep that in mind when it comes to posting things about spammers :) Thanks for the site link allowance ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Yeah, I just don’t bother about it.

    I hate ’em but I don’t really care.

    The only time I’m willing to use is the milliseconds it takes to push delete.

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