Read, observe, absorb and respond

…thru writing so others can read, observe, absorb and respond to it all. I have written before about the realization of being connected. Connected to everyone who has access to the internet; how it can be overwhelming, informative, joyful, heartbreaking and even downright funny. The human race has never had the ability to communicate simultaneously with everyone else. Through TV and radio yes. Tonight though I write this to respond to all those with whom I have visited, read and sometimes left comments on. Do you realize the collective consciousness being formed and embraced by many. Only through fear are those of us not able to communicate or simply do not want to recognize that the internet has changed the world as we know it.

Artificial Intelligence ink drawing and handwriting by artist Jessica Doyle

It is wild to think that I have been all over the world. I have seen people die. I have held witness to people’s most inner most joys. I have cried with people over their personal triumphs and defeats. To be honest I want to keep doing this. I love this. I love human beings. I’m learning we are not all that different. We are only different through color, shape and size. Even communication through writing is evolving so that others who speak a different tongue can still communicate to you, and you to them. Isn’t it time to stop turning on the TV for information and truth? The TV is entertainment for the most part. It is sensationalized to make the most bang as quickly as it can to keep your attention as long as possible. This is not a definite, however, we the general populace of the world can not contribute to the medium of TV nor radio.

You could say that blogs are redefining how we perceive the world to be. It is not just I any longer. It is I and you and your friend and the guy in Asia and the woman in Mexico and the kid in Russia and the niece in Germany or even your grandmother in Canada. Not any one human being is not human. We all gaining the ability to respond, add to and even re-create how traditional is just that; traditional. This is new! I am writing to you. I am voicing my ideas. I am learning how things, people, places and things all interconnect looping around spiralling to infinity.

I know you are sad. I know that you are happy. I know you want the war to end. I know you need a hug. I know you need money. I know you need food. I know you are cold. I know you just lost your father. I know you have gained weight. I know you just learned that you have cancer. I know you have just had a lump removed. I know you are feeling crazy. I know you are all alone. I know you hear bombs dropping. I know you are mad. I know you fell. I know you cried for a long time. I know you walked outside. I know you are a woman in disguise. I know you are a man who loves his children.

We all now, are in the know. We know. Not only a select few know anymore. This is beautiful!

What do we do with what we know?

We share it anyway we want to. Be sad with him. Laugh with her. End the war. Hug someone. Ask them if it’s ok. Ask the government to end the war. Then tell them why. They might say no. But you can say yes. YES. Pay for someone else’s internet connection. Better yet share your connection with them for free. Give your food away when you have plenty. Talk about death. Help the son with cancer. Ask the people in suits to stop dropping bombs on other human beings. Let the person be mad. Let them punch a punching bag or kick some sand or jump in some water or stomp on some grass. Help her up if she falls. Cry. Walk outside in disguise if you want. And children we love you.

After you have done all you wanted with what you know. Share it and begin again. We all have the ability to learn. We all have the ability to live. There is nothing stopping us from being human beings but fear. Shakespeare is a smart guy. He knew this and shared it with us.

My brain for the first time in my life is working. Having access to information at my choosing from anywhere. Knowing that this information will exist as long as the pyramids leading us into infinity can’t be explained in words. The internet is humanities baby.

Ask yourself questions. Ask yourself what if it was you. Really. Then learn the answer any way you want to. Begin to be.

These blogs have shared information with me. Over the past month I have felt my mind beginning to create anew. I am not alone physically nor mentally and neither are you.

Thank you for sharing. Through you guys/gals I am global, as everyone else is, via connection.

    Astro Nutrition
    Bonita in Pink
    Blog Herald
    Canadian Blog Exchange
    Centripetal Notion
    Chartreuse Beta
    Darren Barefoot
    Dee Zone
    Dizzy Island
    Matthew Good
    Memoirs on a Rainy Day
    Scott Wallick
    Studio Pradel
    Terminus 1525
    Thumbtack Press

And the huge ones!

    Feed Burner
    Zen Photo

Don’t forget to have a look at the stats. Look at the percentages growing. We will all be heard soon 😉

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13 thoughts on “Read, observe, absorb and respond”

  1. Wow. Lovely entry my friend.
    Thanks for the mention. By the way, were you referring to me when you said, “I know you have gained weight.”? Because if so… that’s changed! hahahahaha! I lost. Woot wooot! I gained back but lost again. *hehe*

    All kidding aside, I agree with you. There are so many stories out there to be heart. So many friends to find and run into through our blogs.

    I know I’ve made some VERY lovely friends online through my blog and I wouldn’t give that up for anything!

    *huggles to you sweetie*
    You ROCK!

  2. Perfect! What an incredible message. I found your site from Darren Broadfoot’s site about a week ago, and have read some of your posts, viewed your pictures and admired your writing.

    This is the first time I’ve ‘responded’, left a comment on a blog. Why? Probably fear. I like to read, observe, absorbe – to learn – but to respond, am I really ready to share?

    Today I had to. The internet can be a frightening place (I have two kids and worry what they might find), but you managed to write an article that so clearly showed the positive power that is also there in the ‘Net, and in all of us.


  3. Blogs are pretty recent and now that everyone has heard and read about these nifty things, they’ve gone from obscure to known status. It’s a good thing they’re here, that way, many a voice can be heard :)

  4. Bonita – Congratulations on the weight loss. Hugs to you! Each time discovering a new blog or comment is like finding a new color to paint with that gets mixed into all the other colors.

    Steve – Thank you. Your first comment on a blog; I am honored. The feeling of fear is a very real however it is just a feeling and feelings can always change. I do not have children but was a child once as we all were. I would let them explore the internet. Sit beside them and show them the sites you like and maybe they could show you the sites they like and even pull up sites you don’t approve and explain why to them. Having the why answered could help them create a less fearful surfing experience rather then just saying no that site is bad or that one is good. Broadfoot/Barefoot he he he! no worries. Nice to meet you.

    range – your welcome.

    mentatoh – Many voices. I like that. They are pretty nifty :)

  5. Hi KnifeGunPen guy – I have been stalking your site also for a couple of months. lol. Thank you for stopping by. Yeah sometimes one begins to write and before long there is one word repeated in every sentence. Then you stop and read what one wrote. I suppose it begins again after that.

    Although the Hare Krishna mantra is a little more jingle like that my *you* mantra.

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
    Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama Rama Hare Hare

    East Van Esica
    East Van Esica… LOL.

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