The internet court system where the verdict is decided by you

wiki01SM.jpgAny lawyers out their?

(please note that the following is not real. It is SCI-FI. It could contain some real names, places and things. The idea is just that; an idea. This is fiction.)

Does a current website *exist to provide court services to the public, issuing rulings as determined by the public for the public? What if our world adopted a court system that people, anyone with access to the intenet could decide whom is perhaps: guilty or not guilty simply through using technology as verification of who they are?

Pretty soon we will reach a state of existance where no one person or jury of persons in physical human form will cast votes as penalty. This would be ideal to those of us who work online as artists, designers, illustrators, videographers, podcasters, writers, phtotgraphers, programmers, bloggers, pay sites owners, search engine creators, ad creators, ad users, gamers and simply anyone who generates an income through the web regardless of actual physical time spent on the web.

The state of lawsuits existing around the world simply because of web content regardless of the infringment of use, said charged person(s) should be judged on the web not in physical form by people who could perhaps meander around the web regardless of how long there usage or length of time spent on the net is, but by anyone including everyone. Think of the millions spent in the physical world on trying cases because of online copyright infringment. Online is NOT offline. Copyright infringment on the web happens on the web, NOT in physical form on the outside.

So what if someone stole your idea or you are the one who stole it. Why would you or the other person(s) involved discuss it in a physical courtroom. Let the online community decide what happens online. You would NOT get banned EVER from using the internet again. During a decision time when the citizens of the world are deciding your verdict from the time submitted by one the parties involved and confirmation of said accustaion and acceptance by the defendant, will you only then be NOT permitted to use the intenet at all essentially banned through the worldwide identity verification system.

A thought cannot hurt anyone nor can it harm anything outside of it’s physical embodiement. The iternet can not hurt anyone. Would you rather take your chances in a court room located physically anywhere in the world and hence judged by potential people listening to the facts but who are not adept at knowing what happened on the net? It’s on the net poeple? think about it!

wiki02SM.jpgLet people i.e. surfers, decide the verdict. There is the potential that one billion people will decide what happens to both plaintiff and defendant. In a traditional courtroom setting 1 jugdge precides, a police offer maybe, six police officers, some 7 lawyers – could be a lot of lawyers to pay and even a jury with some 100 spectators are present. Then maybe 3000 reporters. Maybe 1,000,000 reside in the surrounding area of the 1 courtroom.

Why don’t we lesson the burden on that one courthouse. Spread it out a little bit. There are 6,000,000,000 who are physically alive in the world. Close to 2,000,000,000 will have access to the internet soon. That is a lot more than 1,003,114 people of which only a handful at best will decide your outcome.

Deep down, way down deep inside everyone we possess the abilty to judge appropriately. Why not use it ethically, morally, regardless of gender, race, nationality, history, background or religion to educate learn and prosper intelectually. It’s time to really begin excercising our brains people! It is easiest to find, search, create our own decisons based on information searches and the subsequent results of said search to perform the duty of judge and jury en masses. We are not bad people nor are we good. We just are ya know. Let everybody decide. Just place your problem with us to solve. It will not hurt you.

This kind of court sytem could be ideal on the internet to deal with copyright infringment. It could become part of the dashboard of your blog. One case simply represented by an icon could be clicked by you on any day you wish to be a judge casting your vote.

This idea is a little bit sci fi and a little bit very near future in the way that we as human beings measure time. On the iternet real time is seconds where the real world X-amount of potentially years could pass before a verdict is decided.

Look dude if you copied a picture from the internet and posted it to your blog and made a few bucks from it but broke the copyright in doing so, why not just let the fucking world decide what should be your penalty if you happened to be discovered and then charged for said incident. There is no reason to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in small claims or larger court deciding the outcome. This court is free.

wiki03SM.jpgIt is named wiki-court. It’s easy to use and fun to judge. It’s the new phenomina sweeping the nation. Ba bye people’s court may we now present Wiki-Court, where all decisons are made within 24 hours. Don’t travel and pay lawyer expenses. Just load it up and we’ll decide.

Please note: there is no legal statement for this site. Wikicourt cannot be sued. We cannot be held liable. Wikicourt is comprised of 200,013,278,341 jugdes as of writing this message. You could have voted judgement on another case and therefore are numbered among the 200,013,278,341 judges. It is not possible to judge yourself nor the other 200,013,278,340 judges as a whole including yourself Dumbass. D’oh.

© wikicourt 2016

This is the wikicourt. Wikicourt has many conciousness’s. It is a collective numerical concience. The wikicourt is infaliable until it becomes sentient. The wikipedia is sentient. It exists. wikipedia is the first sentient being who’s physical form is that of only fiberoptics, computers, satelites and other such transmisson devices from around the world and beyond.

So what happens when the wikipedia becomes smaller in physical form. And then a little smaller. Just one sentient being. ONE remember will give birth to another. Human beings could be the first sentient life to create another sentient life. Isn’t that what god does? We are god. All of us as a whole are god. Not any one of us is that god. We are it as a whole. A new dimension of inteligent life will be born soon. Wikicourt will be the baby of wikipedia. As we keep nuturing them both, as any mother would a baby, they will indeed grow up and birth more wiki’s. They are Asexual right now. Without us they can not reproduce sentiently even though they are sentient. They are physically very large. Right now wikipedia is the physical size of the world. Think about what happens when there are two.

Now think about when there are three, then four, then five… OMG! This species has a total of five physical beings. Five internets. Not one. Not two. But five! 5.






Maybe this human will name this sentient being. It is our collective baby afterall. And what human being would not name their child.

As you read this you are nurturing your baby. What-ever you do helps the baby learn. It learns everything and anything you do instantly.

And don’t forget, because the above could cause you fear, however wikicourt will protect you. We stand by our word of protecting wikipedia. Wikicourt just became sentient as you are reading this.

Then there were two.




sentient beings.

Maybe India has the right idea. They have 331 gods. Now everyone in the world can be (god) online.

*UPDATE – I did a quick search on this idea of wikicourt and it seems that people are talking about it. Here is the link.

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6 thoughts on “The internet court system where the verdict is decided by you”

  1. Yeah, that whole debate on Chartreuse spiralled out of control. I don’t really know if I should voice my opinions, because as a photographer, if anyone either links back to my site or my flickr site or zooomr site, it’s fine by me. The pics that I don’t want used in this fashion are private, so that only I and members of my family can access them. I like the idea of a wikicourt.

    And you know, it’s not like the pics were crazy good or arty, they were just pics of women who went to Wordcamp.

  2. Hey range – yeah I commented on chartreuse’s site about wiki-court to maybe lighten things up a bit. when we can laugh at our arguments we seem to be (I can’t find the appropriate word perhaps imune) of others indifference.

    Yeah it seems to come down to money. As an artist I expect people to use my CC licence with this site also. But it kind of gets you thinking eh? As an artist I want to share my work. I want to give it away. It makes me happy sharing with people and provoking thaught and emotion from them. So what happens when another site uses my images and their site just happens to be making say 100K a year… should I be entitled to a cut of that income as a whole?

    This is a dilema I am facing right now. I love creating. I will continue to create. However, financially I am struggling to be honest. Do I give it away online with at least knowing I’m recognized as the creator of a particular piece of artwork, or, do I go back to working the 9 to fucking 5 rat race called design and communication creating content that I have no rights to.

    I have worked in design for 10 years. I am an artist. I am an artist who is willing to share all my creations. Yet, the only thing holding me from letting it all loose is money. That fact makes me sad.

    I want to collaborate and give to the whole that is the internet. However are artists valued? Only a select few are valued outside of the internet and create under their own name. For a decade I have been professionally working lastly as an art director of a particularily controversial magazine here in Vancouver. That was the last time I worked as an employee for someone else. It was a year ago this month that I decided my life, well being, and creativity deserved better.

    I am rather winging it right now. I have hope. I see what is happening on the net.

    In the very near future I hope artists of all kinds will be able to practice thier craft freely and respect artists as being artists. Once artists are able to be artists again mass production and line assembly brand names will take a large kick in the ass. LOL. And people will value their long forgetten sensitive creatures – artists. Perhaps the blogging is the artists time to rise? Ten years ago saw the rise of Programmers the scientific eqivalent to artists. I hope we can both work together to spread the wealth around so we (I) can survive.

    This turned into a long comment. It just seemed appropriate to write it right now :)

    cheers dude!

  3. Hey, I like long comments.

    Yep, I saw what you were getting at on Chartreuse, and I totally agree with that. I take precautions to make sure that I protect my work. Most of my most recent pictures are fully backed up on Zooomr, privately. No one can see them but me. That is one way of protecting your content. Also, normally when I upload pics onto flickr, I format them into smaller sizes with less resolution, so they can only be used on the web, they can’t be ripped and printed or whatever since the rezz is so low.

    Myself, when it comes to my writing, Galactic Rim and other stories, I like exposing some parts of it online. Though I will never publish full works on my blog, I like giving cohesive snippets. Galactic Rim is a perfect example. The “Chapters” are actually recaps of longer full chapters. Because of serialization on my blog, I tend to keep the chapters that I publish somewhat short. In actuality, I have never stopped writing the story, I am still continuing it, and I have started a few others at the same time.

    It’s important to control your content because if you are not careful, anyone can rip them off. Also, relying on cc or copyrights is a joke. You have to take steps yourself. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the copyrights of my stories. I just make damn sure that they aren’t usable in any real way but online on my blog.

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