I felt inspired – do you?

I felt inspired. [edit – I feel inspired :)] If there is anything that I have learned in WEB 2.0 is that we need to collaborate, innovate and make it happen. There is an opportunity at Terminus 1525. It could use our help. The artists exist. We are all their. The government finding for this site could be ending simply for monetary reasons alone. The art is beautiful.

This project could be monetized, both successfully and ethically contributing, to not only to the individual but also the growing online community as a whole. When it comes down to it, we all need to survive. All of us.


    Something to ad to what I already posted over there.

    WordPress MU would be perfect for this endevour.

    Terminus1525 would continue to exist and be happy. Could employ artists above and beyond their own creations in working behind the secenes from the comfort of their own studio or choice of work space.

    We the artsists will survive and thrive and you would see the world covered in art đŸ˜‰

    And above all else, opensource would remain alive and creativelycontributed to.

Please go and browse the site. Right now it is available in both Engilish and French. I think WordPress has a multiple language translater button/plugin eh?

terminus1525_banner.gifI am willing to work on this a lot. Anyone else?


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