3 weeks of summer left – it’s time to

go on vacation for one week. I Will be publishing my last post later today. Ever. No. Just for seven days. Need some brain-axation.

Until later today...

The outside is beckonning
run into it
over it

It begins…
-until then


later today.

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3 thoughts on “3 weeks of summer left – it’s time to”

  1. Awww… I’m gonna miss you… but it’s ok. I know you need a good vacation away from blogging. We all could benefit from it time to time.
    Enjoy your time off!
    *huggles chic*

  2. I love that art work at the top of this post, thats very cool.

    Hi I just joined the I am Canadina blogroll and thought I’d stop by and introduce myself.

    i am an artist based in toronto but I travel around a fair bit, especially chicago where my boyfriend lives. I make paintigns and short films. I also read a lot.

    Well, great to “meet” you I hope you have a good blog holiday…


  3. Hi Cindy

    thank you for stopping by :) When my blog holiday is over next Saturday I’ll be back and go and take a look at your site. I am meeting so many canadian artists online. It’s great! Cheers!

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