Abstracted sex is for sale now

hand_lowerleftSM.jpgWhy are you doing this? Being an artist is not unlike any other job or carreer path one chooses or is drawn to . Being financially secure and able to pay your rent or student loan debt is what many of us are faced with regardless of your trade or background. To be able to purchase necessities such as food, shelter, supplies for your trade and formost continue to create; utilizing your skills, talent and education to further understand human nature, technology, compassion and emotion culminates into what could be something that others find useful or needed or simply put, can add to and learn from also.

For nearly three decades I have been creating; from crayon landscapes on the end rolls of newspaper print my Dad used to bring home for me from the papermill, to now using the internet as my canvass.

In any industry there lies wealth of opportunity and vast resources to harness that wealth. Having access to those resouces is at best reserved for those who can pay, know someone on the inside or can learn to adapt themselves with what is happening now. Today more than ever people are looking to be who they are, share their experience and contribute to society without causing harm to people, the environment or culture. BUT sometimes in doing so end up not being financially stable. Artists face this dead-on as do others in other trades. This phenominom is not limited to, nor relevant only to those, who have the creative will to exist, or simply want to contribute to global culture using knowledge they have learned regardless of educational background, geographical location or upbringing. For ONCE we all have the ability to touch others physically located somewhere else in the world. We also have the ability now to communicate, add to and question others utilizing technology in what has become people in realtime/online.

full_paintingSM.jpgHistorically Abstracted Sex was created in 2003 over a two month period using Kroma artist’s acrylic painted on 100lb acid free paper stock. In mid-2005 the painting was mounted to board and varnished for a group gallery show at *Soma Café in Vancouver, Canada. It measures 48 X 48 inches square.

If you have ever fallen in love and can remember those feelings, you felt during that time, both physically and emotionally Abstracted Sex is just that; a memory of emotion created during a time of love, lust, passion, and honesty.

Price: $5,000

email me – vanesica [AT] shaw [DOT] ca.

The following donations will be made immediately upon receipt of payment.

  • $500 to Bonitainpink.com – to help Ana and her husband harness the power of technology to create a physical baby of their own.
  • $1000 to WordPress.org – the foundation of this blog and close to one million others.
  • $500 to WikiMedia to continue in their persuance of knowledge and for making it available to all.
  • Look everyone, I am unable to contribute financially to many things other than change to the homeless in my neibghbohood. However, I can contribute through creation and donation. I cannot contribute programatically speaking but can contribute ideas to opensource and help others in need through sale of my artwork. The above is an idea made real through posting it live. There are many organizations, cooporations and individuals who can contribute financially to the world.

    This is what you would recieve in return for your contribution.

  • The hanging rights to the only Sex Abstracted in the world.
  • Bringing a new human being into existance through the use of invitro fertalization.
  • Continuance of an artists creative life in a monetized world
  • Help in keeping communication, sharing, learning and expansion of WordPress and Opensource alive.
  • To quote WikiMedia misson statement
  • Imagine a world in which every single person is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing. And we need your help.

    bellytopleftSM.jpgIf you would like to discuss the possiblity of purchasing exclusive or other rights to Abstracted Sex or would just like to purchase the hanging rights indefinitely (which is what the current listed price above is), please email me vanesica [AT] shaw [DOT] ca.

    If you like this idea please blog it and send a link this way. If you are visiting here from somewhere else cheers and welcome. Maybe I can help you someday :) honest! When payment is received, verified and donations made I will pack up Abstracted Sex and ship it to wherever you live in the world. If you live in Vancouver, Canada I will deliver it in person.

    I am not looking to become rich or famous. I just want to survive and continue building upon ideas, creating anew and sharing them online.

    Jessica Doyle

    *some of my paintings are on the back wall of the café in this photo

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    5 thoughts on “Abstracted sex is for sale now”

    1. Jessica, like I seriously still can’t belive that you’re including us in this.
      Bless your heart. You’re an Angel.

      Your painting is worth that much money and much more. You have a beautiful gift.

      God Bless.


    2. Bonita it’s my pleasure. I hope it sells for both of us and to help out wordpress and wikimedia with a donation will be great too. You’ll get a baby and I’ll be able to live for a couple of months and keep painting.

      I wouldn’t be able to do this without you, wordpress as my backbone and wikimedia for resources.

      This is exciting!!! *hugs to you too sweetie*

    3. Really cool idea, I hope that you get a ton of offers! I like the way that you are using part of the sale to promote organizations and people that need it as well.

      Good stuff.

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