How’d she do that?

Mentatoh asked how I made this little pic of my post drafts in this previous post while I was on vacation.

Here’s how I did it:
How'd she take that picture of the drafts?

Alternatively you can take a picture of your whole desktop by pressing command (apple), shift and the number 3. Using your favorite image editing software you can now crop it to any size you need.

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4 thoughts on “How’d she do that?”

  1. I believe so. You need to do a screen capture some how. The last time I worked on a PC was about 15 – 16 years ago. OMG!

    I did a quick search and here are the results to get you started. Screen Capture

  2. hum, ok guys here is the skinny.
    On a PC, press the button Print Screen+CTL.
    This will capture what you see on the screen in the clipboard.
    Open your favorite image editing software, like photoshop or fireworks, open a blank new document and press CTL+V or Paste.

    You will now have pasted the screen into a blank document. Now you have to edit it to find what you want by selecting it, copying and pasting it into new blank documents. That’s what I do.

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