What the Bleep is the name for a green stop sign?

greenstopsignSM.jpgI was over on Communicatrix’s site reading a post entitled Cleaning My Damned Apartment, Day 3: “Feng Shui for Skeptics, or Why All My Dustcloths Are Purple”, and began writing and extended comment. Instantly a memory came into being causing me to click between browser pages to and from her site to mine to others.

Why is it that human beings perseve themselves as one rather than one part of something much larger. The movie What the Bleep gave names to things I knew no names for. Emotions came into existance for me. When something is not named one cannot begin to fully understand what that is until is is named. When something is named, it tends to become very real for me. It is no longer undescribable through use of image, sound or feeling for me. It is almost as if I can think about a named thing as a whole. I use words when I think. I use my fingers to create with. Yet, I cannot use letters to decribe what I am thinking of or feeling if none exist nor If I am unaware of it’s given name.

And what more beautiful way to not only give a name to something than also have an image to go along with it. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research using sound and emotion to affect water from all over the world showed the world for the first time visually how our emotions affect water. This is important because we are 90% water. Ninety Percent. We are 10% rock and mineral. Would that mean that the ocean is 90% solids that have form.

greenstopsignSMclose.jpgLearning that such a thing as Quantum Physics existed has fascinated me ever since then. It kind of makes me think of infinity in a different more rational way. Infinity is just logical. I do wish that whenever I think of logical the memory of Dr. Spock would not not pop into my mind. Every-time. Memory and name association are strong.

What if we had no name for love and thanks?

And P.S. there is not yet a name that has been given to dreaming a green stop sign, but I drew what it looks like. What would you name it if the definition is green stop sign? I’ll use it as part of the title for the drawing? i.e. the name you choose – green stop sign.

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7 thoughts on “What the Bleep is the name for a green stop sign?”

  1. Greetings, Jessica!
    I just followed you home – from Colleen’s post about Feng Shui! (’cause I was wandering around in *her* archives – always a treat, btw) – and zoomed immediately to your Etsy shop!! Ooooh! Pretty!

    I really delight in your drawings, but am pouting (just a little though, ’cause it IS 2012 already – stuff happens) because the ‘Green Stop Sign’ image seems to be lost in the interwebs. Both links lead to your gnarly 404 message!

    Bright Super-Moon Blessings to you out there on the super-east coast!


  2. Thanks Karen… yes, some of my older images are missing from the posts due to migrating severs numerous times. 

    Happy Day to you too!

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