5 thoughts on “Chapter 01-LUCIDITY”

  1. The video is really neat.
    I am not going to say fantastic or artistic because I am not that sophisticated.
    I dont know how you created some of the effects so I am mezmorized by it and I like it because it is neat.
    If I was savvy then I would have better words to express my feelings on it.

    I think that it would make a great short for folks to see, other than here.
    I think you did touch on the why’s of addiction for sure. That self-medicating act that gives one the illusion of OK. I like your clarity on who you were before addiction, and why it seemed you were doomed to make the choice you did.

    I also like to look at the posts you have written which really explain why you have chosen to be sober.

    Two really defining things in your life are clear now for sure.

    I guess if I was you just a bit more than a year ago I would have never been able to point out those two moments then.

  2. Hi Lynn – I have read your comment a few times now. I am a little speachless. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.

  3. Wow. That was awesome. I really enjoy the feel of it. The effects are very alluring and the whole pacing and timing is just great. I just bookmarked your site so that I can come back and read regularly.

  4. Hi Jessica. Very effective. I remember noticing I was able to similar things in school too. Of course, my teachers always wrote on my reprot card “If only Candy would apply herself…” blah blah blah…”she is always looking out the window”. I like the feeling of dreaming and reading and singing and writing and painting all at once or little combos there of. I don’t understand why some adults are obsessed with controlling childrens imagination. And absolutely, life is the drug! Didn’t Salvador Dali say “I am drugs” ?

    Look forward to seeing whre your vision travels and where the train of thoughts go…maybe conclusins? Maybe more questions? Good work girl, glad to follow along…

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