Stories from the East-side – 001 – Pink eyed man.

EastVanEsicaEric was home all last week from work with a pretty serious case of pink eye. It is rather hilarious to see a man of six foot two be unable to do the simplest things such as drive or watch TV. He is addicted to TV. From Monday to Wednesday he was unable to open his eye for longer than a few seconds. When I went over to turn the noise and image machine off he would whine out from underneath his hideout of pillows and blankets “leave it ONNNNNN!”. I said but you are not watching it. He replied he was listening to it. Good God. lol.

Stories from the EastSide - 001 - Pink Eyed Man

It looks bad batcat!

Tuesday he called the doctor. Tuesday night I began looking up what his eye infection could be. I told him it is more than likely just pink eye. He professed “Nooooo, it’s much more awful than that!!! Only kids get pink eye.” I giggled and began reading off the possibilities that it could be. He was silent. I read aloud some possibilities I found:

Herpes Simplex Eye Infection: An episode of herpes simplex infection of the eye often clears without any permanent problem. However, in some cases the infection causes scarring to the cornea. This can lead to permanent loss of vision. Prompt treatment with antiviral eye ointment or drops helps to prevent corneal scarring.

Blepharitis: Blepharitis is a type of eye infection or irritation that causes swelling within the eyelid rims or margins, often at the roots of eyelashes.

Orbital Cellulitis: Orbital cellulitis involves infection of the hollowed inner eye or orbit, sometimes when infection spreads from other locations. Vision loss and other serious conditions can result without prompt treatment of this eye infection.

“Eric it is just damn pink eye dude” I said :)
“It’s not pink eye” :( he says.

I could not wrap my head around the fact that he couldn’t think that the easiest most plausable and common cause of his eye condition could be pink eye.

We left the apartment the next day with me driving him to the doctor’s apointment he had scheduled from the day before.

We waited. He was called in.

I waited. The waiting room had become my visual feast. Newly renovated the medical clinic was comfortable; on ground level with many windows from floor to almost ceiling length.
I have a contagious pink-eye that drips and waters and itches.

EastVanEsicaThe man walked out with prescription in hand. “So what do you have?” I asked.
“JUST pink eye #$%^&” grumble, grumble.


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