A bird looking at fuzzy looking things


I have been drawing more lately using my favorite pen; the PILOT G-TEC-C4. Excellent for writing and/or drawing. The above spread was created over a few days this week. I tend to draw many things at once, going back over them again and again adding detail. I never use a pencil first, unless I am composing an image that will be painted in using watercolor. Just pen on paper. The journal I am currently working in contains about 60lb paper stock, is acid free, cold press and unbleached. I like cold-press paper because it gives a light texture to draw upon rather than the stark hot-press paper, which tends to be smoother and have a sheen to it.

I completed this drawing two nights ago down at my friend Soren’s home. He created music while I drew to it. He said:

It looks like a bird looking at fuzzy looking things…

Hence the title of the drawing. Below is a detail of Bird.


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4 thoughts on “A bird looking at fuzzy looking things”

  1. I love talking materials. I’m with a Parker pen and cheap legal pads mainly. Switching now to acid-free on your counsel.

    That bird seems confident, relaxed, curious. I like her…

  2. I like the local art stores here for hunting down materials. Lately though, I have been scavenging found items in the alleyways etc… to paint upon this season.

  3. i agree, the stores are great, but i can’t keep up with all the prices – always dreamed of ransacking a whole art warehouse – but i find the streets have plenty to sketch or paint on, i recently found about 80 small window frames in the basement of my apartment, so i started a window series, these windows are about a hundred years old, thank god my storage room wasn’t too far away.
    great work.

  4. rodrigo – What a find you scored! The streets have become home to canvas so to speak. Good luck on your window series.

    always dreamed of ransacking a whole art warehouse

    Can I join you?

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