Angels in disguise

The past few days have been – lets say, insanely fun. I am on my best behavior while my mom is here. She took me to Church today; a Catholic church. They almost burned me at the stake!


Actually I did attend a noon mass with my mother and it was ok. Nuff said. Other than the church we have been riding double decker tourist buses, walking insane amounts of kilometers, travelling by skytrain, perusing gift stores of every kind, snapping pictures and recording video of it all. We have travelled through Satnley Park, Commercial Drive, Downtown, Gastown, Chinatown, the lower East-Side, the Upper West-side, rode a trolley bus, gotten lost, and best of all we are getting along and laughing all the way! We are like two kids ina candy store except we are adults staying in an exclusive timeshare hotel on the 29th floor that my mom somehow arranged for free. It is rather neet to have a home away from home in my own city.

We are at my apartment right now just getting ready to bus it to the West-end back to the hotel. Who would have known that my period would start and allergies act up and my skin break out… LOL. Anyhow, I haven’t forgotton about anyone or anything (blogging). I only get to see my mom in person every now and then and her trip across the country to see me has been a blessing in disguise đŸ˜‰ a beautiful disguise. We had pizza tonight with Amarula shots, sushi for lunch… oh I have lots to write and lots to share but for now it is getting late and I have a date. Yeah so… enough typing for me, my family is here you see…

Love you mom! Don’t know if you will get to read this until you get home, because you are sitting in front of me rocking away in a chair watching TV.

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