Been witting writing around the blogosphere much of late. It has been fun. I feel like I am back from something but am not sure what I am back from. Maybe a true vacation, combined with a little trust and spiced with emotion! I feel scandalous. I like that word scandalous. I don’t think of it as a negative word. It is more like a rollarcoaster of events that leads one to where she is now. That is what scandalous means. Yeah! And how can being happy be considered bad? I, Jessica Doyle am happy :) :) :)

Maybe this is all just in my head. You know what?


Scandalously Happy!
The reality of a thank you
Do you like ads that have movement in them?
EastVanEsica’s take on things

And one other because I am such a huge Pepsi consumer…lmao! Thanks Liz. I guess this could happen… be wary of drinking to much pepsi people!

The other night Eric and I discovered the Death by caffeine calculator – It would take me 278.39 cans of Pepsi-Cola before <a href=”this would happen! Is there a death by burger calculator?

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4 thoughts on “Scandalous”

  1. Hey,
    You are scandalously welcome and fully expected to come around any and all times that you feel like you want to. Have some joy! I like that word too!

  2. Hi Liz!
    I am accepting your joy :) Yum!

    Happy happy joy joy! Good ‘ole Ren and Stimpy.
    Or maybe the Balki Bartokomous way… He always did that dance of joy thing on perfect strangers. lol.

  3. Scandalous is my little brother’s favorite word.
    He likes to use it on my sister when she yells at him. LOL
    “Why you gotta be all SCANDALOUS???” haha.
    Which pisses her off even more and makes her even more “scandalous”! LOL

    *hugs hun’*

  4. LMAO! Ana!!!!
    You always have something funny to say 😉 I love it!

    I don’t feel so scandalous today… more happy and smiley. I was excited last night to the point where I felt I was going to burst! LOL. I was up ’til 6AM makin’ a video last night.

    I can just imagine you syaing ““Why you gotta be all SCANDALOUS???” haha…. ha h ah ha

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