I kissed them all good night while a white masked soul lay dormant in the moonlight.

I was walking home from the Burlesque show I had been in attendance of and lying on the grass was this man. This man had on a white mask. He had on a white cowboy hat. He was wearing a reddish burgundy plaid shirt and dark navy bluejeans. To top it off he wore some snakeskin cowboy boots. I walked by. Then stoped, flipped around and walked to the man on the grass. He was slumped over laying down heavy upon the ground. Eyes closed with no bodily movement, I say “HEY guy”…

“Hey dude”.
“Buddy”. Ahhhhhhhh.

I’ll run upstairs, call the police. I was looking at the side entrance to the building I lived in. Um. Sweat was dripping down my forhead now. I had been walking for 30 minutes. What do I do. Call the police Jessica. Touch him. Shake him. No I better not. He’s breathing. Belly -up. Belly-down. It is 2:00AM in the morning, there are firecrackers going off in the distance. BOOM. Crack…. pssssssss.

CRAAAAAAAAAAAArack!. Dammit. Halloween. Vancouver gets nuts during All Hallows Eve events. Crack! vroooooooooooooom along Hastings. Ok there are the two guys coming back who had passed me on the other side when I had entered the the side street to get home. Ahhh they are coming down my side of the street. OK… is this dude gonna try to steal me and put me in the car here. NO Jessica, he drank too much. He’s passed out. Stupid TV.
“Do you guys have a cell-phone?”
“What’s up with dude on the ground?”
“He’s passed out.”
“Is he ok?”
“I don’t know, he’s breathing I haven’t touched him yet.” I bent down and and tapped his thigh, “Buddy, wake up” Shake shake shake. Tap.

“ha ha ha” laughed one of the guys.
“He’s aaaaaaaaaaaancient….” Said the other stepping closer to him.
“He’s not that old.” I smile. “do you have a phone?”
“Let’s check his wallet.” laughing teenager says.

The other guy took out his cellphone. “ambulance”
Yeah there is this old guy passed out on the lawn. Just off Hastings and Blankity blank.
About 60.

“He’s not 60, maybe 40″. I say. God… I’m thirty two they must think I’m ancient too. hahahahaha.

“They will call back. Said keep and eye on his breathing.”
“Is he breathing” We all looked at eachother then at the man.
“Is he?”

I leaned over and felt his shoulder then arm. Cold. Took my coat off, put it on him.
Werrrrrrrrreooooo Ohhhhh

Werrrrrrrreoooooo OOHHHHHHHH

“It’s not a fire!” Phone guy says.
“Why do they do that?” I say.
Quiet guy “…always do it that way.”

We began waving our arms… the firetruck spotted us, drove closer to behind the parked cars while FIVE men began jumping out of the firetruck. They towered over the three of us. These men are big as I looked up. They took the three us of in, glancing each of from top to bottom. We moved back. “I put my coat on the guy… he was cold”. One smiled while another plucked the blue coat from the guys shoulders throwing it left to the ground. Thump… I couldn’t move out of the swarm of firemen. The teens moved left – I squeezed through with them.

“WAKE – UP!”
“Wake-UP!” The firmen shook him quickly, lightly.
Grassman stirs hat falling to the ground. Silence. He begins to stand up. Holy fuck this dude is tall. Six and half feet perhaps? He stood to fast, to upright, to suddenly… timber… wobble. Everyone began giggling. The cops are ” ha ha… you all right there budy?” Headlights in his eyes… timber…

A large yellow, black glove hand reaches – steadies him. “You ok dude?”


Giggle. Headlight. “Dude” The ambulance pulls up. “He’s ok” The glove yells to the Ambulance Attendant. We walkers smile. “Do you know this guy?” the firman motions at us. “No” we all say at once. “Who found him?” “I did” I say.

Walking over, I tapped plaid man on the shoulder. “Slad you are aiight”. I smiled. He smiled. “What are all of you doing here?” he shuffled…deer eyes disapearing; cowboy was coming to.

“We are here to take you home.” The Fireman said.
“Well, that’s ahwwwwwfooul nice of you.”

“Where am I?”
“Got any ID…. cowboy?”

We walkers walked off into the night. After 20 steps I said nice meeting you, Likewise. Turned the corner, walked 20 more steps then up some stairs, opened the door. Laughing at my keys. Up more stairs. Up more stairs. Open another door. Home.

Earlier in the evening I watched Little Red Riding Hood, the Dead Bride, the quintet Capital City Dancers and many other sexy women on stage up on the drive. It had been too late to take the bus home when the show was complete. I walked instead; against everyone’s plea’s to take a cab. “But you are a girl… it’s not safe.” I hugged all five of my friends, who lived but a few blocks away, kissed them good night and ran home, all the way. It’s almost that time of year where the souls come out to play.

This night was a beautiful one. Dark, orange and red. The white knight had fallen and he couldn’t get up again. Now he’s home safe and sound. As I am, in my homestead. I wonder the dreams he may have this eve, of all those standing above ground breathing and looking down… while he was talking to the dead.

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9 thoughts on “I kissed them all good night while a white masked soul lay dormant in the moonlight.”

  1. You did a good thing getting him waked up and covering him. It’s a good thing he was just passed out. I’m glad everything worked out. Now I’m going to sound like your friends…I bet I know your neighbourhood(I’m from Vancouver Island) and I want you to take a taxi next time!!!

    But, I am so glad things worked out. MY sister lives in Vancouver by the way.

    Hey I thought you might be interested in this Art Review is offering six months of the next few months issues online for free. I just did it and it seems to be working out okay, it’s kind a fun reading a magazine online.

    Here is the address if you’re interested:


    PLus, I just posted an interview with David Moos, a curator in Ontario, and he mentions some curators he admires as from the Vancouver Art Gallery.




  2. Sweet Jess, good to hear that you’re taking care of the cowboys of the world. Based on the typos I’d say you had a good time as well.

    You really should have stayed at my place, there’s lots of room and it would have been wonderful to have a few more of your giggles around.

  3. Dammit! I didn’t spell check. But yeah Dee it was fun to see all of you. :) I should not type after burlesque.

    I had fun walking home… it’s so peaceful at night here. The raging traffic problem is calm only at night here.

    I’ll take a rain-check on the invite.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    found my way onto your site and enjoyed your story (perhaps extra, extra, especially because I should be writing a paper right now!). It was really nice meeting and chatting with you the other night. Take care!

  5. I liked that!
    Really really popped the setting!
    I felt like I was there!
    Happy Halloween!

    I am havin tricks and treats over at my blog tonight!

  6. Candy – I read you article from the link above that you provided. It has opened my eyes a little more to the state of art in the world today. The discussion that is happening there is wonderful. I’ll be back to comment again. I may need to get in touch with one of those curators :).

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