Spread it around, four very very short stories

Over the weekend I was asked to join in a triad of masturbation. A triangle of female heads only visable through a a pre-decided frame. I said yes. Then said no. It’s not what I want. But is this what I want? I desire. I crave not unlike any other for human interaction of the sexual kind. Why is it only in the mind that it persists? Why is not aparent physically? To jump out of ones skin every now and then is needed. It is needed to be able to fucking cum amongst others. Where does the attraction come in or does it resemble a long lost vestibule of carnage only our ancesters were really aware of. Cognitively they new to spread it around. Fuck!

There are voices. I hear voices of my own within my mind. You know, we all do it. We all talk to ourselves from time to time.

I can’t seem to figure out the relation between ship and harbour. Once you do it for someone else does it make it any less significant? Ya do it all the time say. Never doing it for yourself. How do you really do something to yourself? How do you do something to yourself. I think we do. When we only do to ourselves what we do to ourselves we become them. And maybe they don’t really undertsnd what is going on with you. Maybe they can’t see everything that is happening. Maybe all the opinions don’t really matter. Maybe they and them can go and shove it, while the maple leaves fall soggy to the pavement in the midst of entanglement they entwine, combine filtering clear to mirror one another. They are the same.

It’s easy to let reality slip away she thinks. It’s easy to fall and bleed into the ground. It’s easy for blood to trickle upwards in the imagination and easy for him not to see what is happening. This is dismal.

I don’t want to feel obligation. I don’t want to feel guilt. I don’t like experiencing the feeling envy. We all do sometimes, may not want to admit it but we do. Haven’t you ever jumped? Jumped but not landed? I wonder what it feels like to land? I miss many things. Many things of wonder. Many things of unamed pleasures. I feel angry. I feel fear. I feel rage at times even. That is when i don’t land after jumping. Some emotions never hit the ground. They can overwhelm your being.

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5 thoughts on “Spread it around, four very very short stories”

  1. re: #1

    This woman was telling me how back in the 70’s, she used to belong to the Sisterhood for Vaginal Reclamation (I still cringe hearing the name–couldn’t they think of something more creative…less Che Guevara inspired??) Basically, it was the whole getting together with your Sisters and hand-held mirror exploration thing…

    I wondered if it was just a pretext for lesbian sex, but I didn’t ask.

    That’s the 70’s for you…

    Your #1 seems more fundamental and human…

  2. Jecklin… the sisterhood for vaginal reclamation? Ok… had to read that again. :) I did a quoick search and have never heard of reclaiming my own vagina for it is already mine. But there is indeed some relevance to what you said:

    Here are the search results. Seems the Vagina Monologues may have something to do with this.

  3. Yeah, but this was back in the 70’s. Maybe just a Eugene thing? not sure. This is a goddess town.

    But wait…you’ve NEVER heard of groups of women back in the early days of the feminist movement getting together with handheld mirrors exploring their own personal vagina?!?!

  4. Ah actually I have Jecklin. I think it’s a pretty cool thing for woman to do. I mean ya always hear about men getting together to wack off??? Why not women. It’s not just a Eugene thing…. it’s a global thing. Too bad we need mirrors though – LOL! I don’t know many woman, if any at all that can bend over enough to see their own vagina. :) Even with the use of a mirror it becomes a bending, staring, bend again, roll over and try to see type of affair.

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