2 three inch square journal hoppers – drawings

Hopper 7 - JessicaDoyle.ca - 2006Title –
Hopper 7 (left)

Medium –
Black ink on handmade paper

Artists Statement –
Pepsi stained and all.

Hopper 8 - JessicaDoyle.ca - 2006Title –
Hopper 8 (right)

Medium –
Red and black ink on handmade paper

Artists Statement –
A full glass of pepsi did indeed fall on this miniature journal. I like the effect it left on many of the pages within. Sometimes accidents, have a creative purpose afterall.

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9 thoughts on “2 three inch square journal hoppers – drawings”

  1. I love the Pepsi stain! It gives it an old world look. Do you know about the artist that uses Guiness as a neutral color wash on his pen and ink drawings? Cool, but I like your accidental look even better.

  2. Hi J. Tony! How are you doing? Glad to see you out in the blogosphere. Yes, beer makes a great color wash. I have tried red wine also. It gives black ink a great pink/violet hue when the ink is water based of course. I’ve used tea in the past to stain some artworks giving them a more elderly look.

    I have’nt heard of the Guiness artist but will keep an eye open for him. Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. J Tony has a good eye for stained paper :) These are really good, Jessica, and the Pepsi did, indeed, add character.

  4. Carolyn – The joy of Pepsi….

    I hope they give me some money someday. I’ve drank thousands of dollars worth of pepsi over the years. It is my coffeee.

    Hans – thank you. The pepsi soaked right through on most of the pages.

  5. Robert – This little journal is a doozie of a read. It is 56 pages half of which are illustrated and the others wonderfully written upon.

    There are hoppers, and top-hatted nipples, strories of lust, love and anger. Thoughts of death, sitting on a loveseat staring at the sky.
    The mountains talked.
    The seagulls flew.
    Addiction was rampant… just the inital inkling of what was to come.

    The journey begins in late October 2004 climaxing on NYE 2005 followed by some written resolutions.

    Price you ask? hmm indeed,
    I must decide,
    for there is a lot inside
    left in guise not published for others eyes.

    Expect an email in the coming days Mr. Bruce.

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