Female Hysteria – Aids that Every Woman Appreciates – reprint

Female Hysteria – Aids that Every Woman Appreciates was first published on June 8, 2006. Minor edits have been made in this reprint.

Hysteria - Jessica Doyle - 2006 - Ink on PaperEngrossed with hysteria I walked into my counselling session today. I travelled emotionally; climbing mountains reaching the peak only to leap off descending to the valley below. How is it possible for a person to cry, leave their body, and smile within a five minute time frame, all the while not knowing how she travelled from one emotional state to another.

I’m OK. It feels odd to actually state “I’m OK.” I neither understand nor remember the triggers of such outbursts. They come unbidden, uncontrolled and inadvertently end, leaving me to digest the days progression.

My councillor is a beautiful, wise and generous person. She knows my secrets. Are they secrets though? For her yes, I would say indeed they are secrets kept in confidence. For me, shedding secrets strengthens my being. I don’t need to hide. When I hide who I am I fill with fear which leads to anxiety which turns into the inability to make decisions leading to eventual hysteria. That word hysteria I looked up in the wiki simply because I have been feeling hysterical lately. They state:

Hysteria is a diagnostic label applied to a state of mind, one of unmanageable fear or emotional excesses. The fear is often centered on a body part, most often on an imagined problem with that body part (disease is a common complaint). People who are “hysterical” often lose self-control due to the overwhelming fear.

Damn they are good! And Damn I’m good for picking the proper word this evening to describe my consciousness. To take it a step farther I then looked up female hysteria. Having known some background on the subject through reading and discussion with others I believe that Damn, it is all too real today, for perhaps many women in some shape or form. Without release through orgasm everything just builds and builds and builds and then you essentially become an hysterical woman. During the earlier part of the 20th century Doctors were rubbing the clitoris of women sometimes for hours to bring on an orgasm, in effect relieving their Hysteria. This practice was a sanctioned medical procedure which lead to the popular invention of the electric vibrator. To my surprise the Sears, Roebuck and Company catalog from 1918 features a whole page devoted to:


Aids That Every Woman Appreciates – click to see a larger copy of the ad to the left.

As the years progressed Female Hysteria vanished as a medical diagnosis.

Today different manifestations of hysteria is recognised amongst other things, schizophrenia, conversion disorder and anxiety attacks

Note the term anxiety attacks. That one really hit home with me. Today I spoke to my councillor about the lack of sex in my relationship with my boyfriend. She mentioned that sex is actually a good way to relieve anxiety and depression. I thought on this and tucked it away to the back of my mind ’til later this evening after Eric went to bed. Low and behold that theory holds true! One always hears about how men masturbate once or more times per day; women, you know… we could benefit from this stimulation to!

Today my talk with my councillor wasn’t just about sex. Sex was all but a small part of it. Sexuality, however, and the need to be able to express desire and pleasure freely has been difficult for me since I sobered up 10 months ago. Tonight, for the first time in a long time I felt secure in expressing these thoughts and ideas that I have been repressing. There is no shame in writing and/or expressing your femininity openly.

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6 thoughts on “Female Hysteria – Aids that Every Woman Appreciates – reprint”

  1. Hello, I followed some links and landed here.

    I’m sorry that your lines disappeared.

    You know what I hate? When I can’t even get to a computer or a pen and paper quickly enough to write it down. Or if I’m too lazy, I’m about to fall asleep, and I don’t get up and write it down – whatever it is.

    Sorry to randomly drop in and babble like this.

    Nice blog!

  2. Hi Bobby – Stop, drop and babble any time you like :)

    Yeah those eurika moments in the night are the best only be lost to dreams. Sometimes though it’s possible to dream the thought and have an answer in the morning upon waking.

    Nice to meet you.

  3. Wow, this is a good post. I love the freedom you convey through your words. Thank you for sharing such intimate thoughts.

    Sometimes I am so so so ANTI-sex! And it always brings trouble to my relationship with my boyfriend in one form or another. We never actually fight over not having sex, but its a pattern i have come to recognize. Happens about once every couple of months at least. Maybe its just part of our cycle to not want it.
    But as soon as I give in and do the deed, I realize that I was definitely just being hysterical and feel so much better.

    Being a woman is so mysterious. I really want to be able to understand myself and wish that my guy would understand my shifts as well.

  4. Breeze – In my early to mid-twenties I shared similar sentiments in my past relationships. This most recent relationship was an opposite attack for me as I was the one who wanted the sex and he did. Our sex drives were different. It is the patterns we create that strengthen or weaken our relationships, mostly that of our own relationship to ourself.

    Both my ex and I were in a pattern of compassion rather than passion. The first two years were passion then the compassion began… 😉

  5. range – Cheers to masturbation! :):):)

    I agree that sex is a must in a relationship. I often wonder if there exists someone with the same sex drive as I, but then that gets me thinking that not one person can meet all of a person’s needs even maybe when it comes to sex.

    Sex is a need as much as it is a desire.

    Yes it is.

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