36 hours later and an XiG

I still have no phone connection. Just got my Internet connection up and running again. My email is down still. :)

UPDATE – Got my crazy rigged internet phone working again. Between you and me, my router is an ass. Email is up and running albeit 48 hours later. It also looks like I have lost about 60 hours worth of emails sent to me (there are some that arrive daily to me). If any of you emailed me between now and 60 hours ago please forward it along again.

I want to write that the worst tornado to hit Canada just ripped through my apartment building carrying my cat Missy, surrogate dog Roxy and I far far away into the Pacific ocean. Splash! Alas, this is not case.

Last week I phoned Shaw to transfer the Internet service in my home into my name from Eric’s name. They said this was not possible. I asked “why not?”. Woman on phone says Eric needs to return the digital cable terminal box. OK, I say. They ask where Eric can be reached and then put me on hold to call him after I gave them the number. Woman returns saying Eric will call me when I can transfer the service into my name. Point is, Eric had told me it was all good to go and it wasn’t. I had waited 3 days also after he told me this. Good ole Eric.

Later last week, Eric stops by saying I can proceed with the transfer. I say OK. I ask when, Eric says anytime. The first time he said anytime to. Hmmm. He had brought his computer with him. I began transferring my writing, images, photos and work from his computer to my fire-wire drive. Note to anyone, always back up your work when working on a spouse’s computer as at any time they can and do pack in two hours and move out. This messed up my blogging, creating, etc… as I did not have access to my files for 3 weeks.

Yesterday, I wake up and have no dial tone on my phone. Then I discover I have no Internet connection. Ah. Now I couldn’t make any phone call to Shaw because my phone runs through the Internet with a different company for eight or so dollars per month. I call Shaw last night from the woman under the stairs’ apartment. I wait for 45 minutes. I hang up. I call them back today. I talked them out of the $29.95 new account fee. This became free. I then asked when my email would be restored. They said Eric has to give permission to release my email. “Really?” I reply.

him “Where can Eric be reached?”
me “I already gave you that phone number last week.”
him “no record of it”
me “My email is the vanesica one”.
him “We need his permission.”
me “He is moving to Thailand or Taiwan, Asia somewhere”

“I’ll make an exception this time”.
“thank you.”
“You will have your email in 24 hours”
“OK, bye.”

Eric really is moving to Asia tomorrow. It was nice the Shaw-man believed me. Pays to stay calm sometimes and haggle.

Practice saying “No” quietly and firmly when they ask: “Would you like the cable back, or this service or perhaps this Internet-G-diddly-digitally-recordable-playback-i-cable-box- speedy-bundly X-service Ma’am?” and always ask “Is the set-up fee necessary?”

Anything technical, digital or drivable has an “X” an “i” or a “G” in it’s name these days. I give this letter branding about another year.

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5 thoughts on “36 hours later and an XiG”

  1. Yeah… was very strange not to be digitally connected through the internet. The not having a phone was a little more annoying as I could not call to get my interent working again. LOL.

    Nice to meet you :) he he

  2. I experienced being without the internet for 3 weeks last summer while I was switching from Bell to Videotron. Then again a month from September to October.

    During which, I also had multiple HD crashes. I lost some photos (which is why I upload everything to Zooomr now in the original format), some data etc.

    It isn’t that bad being without an internet connection. It puts things into perspective. We are creating a generation of scatterbrains and informations addicts.

    It also sucks when you are used to a 2MB / s connection and live day in day out with a 50KB/s.

    Then again, Eric is moving to Asia? Woh.

  3. range – yup. He is gone. Very sudden, very fast gone. He’s gone on an extended vacation of sorts. Could be a year before he comes back, if he comes back.

    A month with no internet – wow. It would bother me as I do some contract work that is completely designed and transmitted by email and/or ftp. Then again I can go to café’s here in Vancouver as they are plentiful. I would have to develop a taste for coffee though.

    We are creating a generation of scatterbrains and informations addicts.

    I agree, but don’t you love being a part of it? 😉

  4. Yep I do.

    Information is cool.

    But think how it used to be before wiki. Encyclopedias, dictionaries. They helped to focus our thoughts.

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