Colorblind – an idea for digital game creators

…and browser plugin developers; enabling colour-blind game players, visual equality .

Dr. Tony Hung – I mean, how frustrating is it when you’ve reached the 22nd stage, and you just can’t *expletive* finish it because you can’t tell the difference between the green and yellow balls?…

…And I’m not sure what the answer is to this issue.

An old color theory assignment of mine - Jessica Doyle - 2007If the game creators adjusted the green and yellow hues within their choice software, even by adding a little black to the green could adjust the color appropriately and probably result in improved visual colour recognition/differentiation for those players with Color Blindness.

…and on second thought – as Muhammad Saleem displayed with his Digg hue adjustment images – couldn’t game developers simply ad a filter during game development; a gamer could choose at the beginning of said game their personal color blindness preferences.

i.e. Color Blindness Settings:
Normal Y or N
Protan Y or Y
Deutan Y or N
Tritan Y or N
Manual adjustment?

This would not interfere in any way during the initial setup for game play; just another personal choice preference within monitor settings. So when yu…“you’ve reached the 22nd stage, and you just can’t *expletive* finish it because you can’t tell the difference between the green and yellow balls…,”

Game developers would do well to research this quickly and begin development for a cross game filter setting for Color Blind buyers of their product. After reading about the design implications of colour blindness on Wikipedia I put two and two together; if you build they will come. I would suggest game companies invest in hiring colour theorists, eye doctors and throw some colour blind gamers into the mix for them to test upon.

Give the players more choice in the beginning immediately after *popping the disk into game-play mode.

Does this exist as an extension for perhaps Firefox. Game players from what I am observing would benefit by a colour-blindness plugin for websurfing, blogging, researching etc ad noisome. This color blindness setting should be shipped with any new monitors and computers too.

Tony You mentioned that perhaps as many as 8% of gamers are colour-blind. That is an incredible statistic. Muhammad, I also viewed my own blog using the Color Blind Webpage Filter. It displayed to me a reasonably clear picture however, page load time was slowed significantly. I wonder if the information from this filter could be ported into an extension for firefox?

*popping… is that even a term for sliding a disk into a game console disk receptacle hole entry? 😉

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