God made dirt so dirt wont hurt

Someone said this to me once as he was picking up a piece of food from the ground, he had but dropped a moment earlier. I had to laugh. I laughed.

God made dirt, so dirt won’t hurt.

He believed this. He did not get hurt from eating the dirty piece of food from the ground on the trail we were hiking on.

I have been asking myself many questions as of late. Do the questions ever stop? Sometimes they do. I have had a long held belief that I am not worthy of making money. Where this belief came from I cannot remember. All I know is this, I need money to survive in this world. It is a dog eat dog world out there. A woman said “I deserve to make a living financially.”

So does the five second rule exist? Maybe you believe in the 10 second rule? Maybe you believe in the 3 second, pick-the-food up and wash it rule?

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6 thoughts on “God made dirt so dirt wont hurt”

  1. Honestly, I don’t care if food drops If it does, I just pick it up and eat it. No 3, 5 or 10 second rule. But I don’t go around picking up food on the floor either.

    Our bodies are quite well made to resist these kinds of things. Eating dirt isn’t a problem.

  2. Jecklin –

    Back Then, Oh My Poor Sister

    for me my poor little brother 😉

    I hear you on the conditioning. I keep on asking questions. I do my best to quiet my mind without going numb. Numb is an awful state. One really isn’t feeling at all. No emotions. As I get older I’m finding the numb states are less and the upsetting emotions are actually coming through. I’m grateful for that.

    I like the paypal idea :)

    Ninja Jecklin *hug*

  3. On the hiking trail, I’ll pick up any food item I drop–if I desire it enough. Pieces of trailmix I leave for the squirrels, or in case I need to retrace my footsteps :)

    I’ll eat food I dropped on our kitchen floor, but T gets after me, she says iTs gross. I’m okay with iT. I don’t bother with trying to convince her otherwise. I go about my business. I often eat the food I drop just to cause trouble…apast-time I’ve enjoyed since childhood. Back Then, Oh My Poor Sister.

    Public floors I won’t eat off of.

    RE: money…you’re not alone,. as you know I’ve gone nuts over the topic. HA. I have a paypal a blogger $23 campaign going.

    I hope the questions never stop. I’m training myself to be a Modern Day Shaman, or a Ninja, perhaps, I haven’t quite settled on the terminology. Part of the training involves the ability to silence my mind at will (not numb it, mind you My Lovely Dear Ms. Jessica), then flip iT back on, like a switch. Light. Dark. Light. Dark.

    Not for the faint of heArt.

    We’ll B Alright, Jessica. Most of Us have been programmed with such a message. kind of a Slave mentality if you think about it. Keeps Us in Our Place. *The conditioning, after all, went back to grade school. No wonder we all hate those teachers so much: we have a dim, masked memory of what they’ve done to us in converting us into good and faithful servants.* indicates a Robert Anton Wilson * quote. He defied medical science yesterday and died. Trust.

  4. i like that saying, its true.
    Sometimes we shield ourselves too much, we need to inhale the unknown… ive made it this far.
    im gonna use that…tell your friend thanks.

  5. range – I once read about a doctor who advised parents to let their children pick their noses and eat it. Funny thing was these kids rarely got sick or did not get as sick as others who did not eat their snot 😉 honestly!

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