Suggestive conspiracies and chimes – are they real

Try hugs not drugs button campaign – the teachers walked around putting their arms between the grades 4-5 students as they danced, abruptly nudging either sober 8-10 year old gender an arm’s length apart from each-other. Ecstasy is mainstream now. Try drugs for hugs.

Pacman – eat as many as you can

Blue and red striped bounce ball – given to school age children to play with in the early eighties. Pepsi connection?
Pepsi = is pep

People who believe that they are not succumb to advertising only need think back upon their childhood. Church, government and third generation corporations are currently commencing their forth, 20-30 year stint together. 😉

Widgets Lab played the ding ding ding N.B.C. a-ling to me. I went back and checked again and there it chimed once more. Sound pollution advertising. I won’t be returning. I don’t care who owns you. Repetitive jingles without user choice installed. Not.

UPDATE – Thank you Derek for changing the Gabbly chat window (causing the chime) to inCirles which has no sound.

While searching for this pacman widget to ad to the original post I was sent on a link chase to find this here yellow circle pill chomping man. It took 3 click through’s to FIND the pacman widget. As I am editing this paragraph, the NBC fucking ding-a-ling has rung thrice five more times. Give your users a choice to listen à la ding-a-ling. And please provide a direct link to the widget download page.


UPDATE – This embedded Pacman game widget above is one Derek found without a click trail to embed into your blog. Thank you.

I went looking for you in a Pac man widget Google search because I had remembered seeing it on your blog. I was prepared to continue clicking through the search results until I recognized your name, And I did so.

Viral my ass. That is just gross. The widget is cool but the search and destroy after is dehumanizing. Firefox prevented 3 pop-up windows for me when I arrived to the actual code needed to download from To get this widget one needs to find, click and then become a member of BunchBall in that order to download it on top of the previous click throughs. In total from Widgetslab to BunchBall I had to scan, read and click 6 times.

All I wanted was the pac-man widget and to throw you a thank you link. :) This widget would have added some irony to the suggestive conspiracies. A post can evolve into many ideas when one is researching, following the link trail.

Read about the NBC chimes on Wikipedia.
Listen to the NBC Chimes from:

I was still puzzled because I have never heard the notes G-E-C on handstruck Deagan chimes – they were usually C-A-F. Then I came across a recording of a remote broadcast from April 27, 1933, where the NBC chimes – high-pitched G-E-C – are manually sounded halfway through the broadcast.

Read about the Pepsi slogans on Wikipedia.
Read about the Try Hugs not Drugs campaign from my Google Search

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5 thoughts on “Suggestive conspiracies and chimes – are they real”

  1. Jessica,

    Sorry about the NBC chimes. That happens to be the Gabbly chat window at the bottom of the page making the sound. The sound indicates that someone has arrived at the page.
    I sometimes use it to help people find widgets or help them figure out how to install them. I’ll go back to inCircles as it makes no sounds.

    Sorr also about how Bunchball requires users to jump through hoops to get their games.

    I have found an easier to acquire PacMan game for you. It’s at
    here is the link.

    Have a good day


  2. Derek – thank you so much. Honestly. I’ll update the post to reflect this.

    I had no idea where the chime sound was coming from. It had annoyed me. Visual pollution is already rampant on the web. Sound pollution is on the rise. I really appreciate you removing this sound from your blog.

    And thankyou for a direct pacman link. Woot! Ironically I will use it to visually stimulate this post.

    I’ll vist again soon, Derek. I have sensitive ears. People’s ears are not as adept at blocking auditory as they are at blocking visuals from their senses.

  3. It would be ideal if the Gabbly widget could make a sound to you and not to the people / bloggers arriving. You would still get the sound announcement this way.

  4. I turn the sound off or down on my speakers. I only use sound when I think there might be something I would like to listen to. You should try this! Also, please keep in mind that men can drowned out sound better then women.


  5. Stacey – now that I think about what you wrote, particularly

    please keep in mind that men can drowned out sound better then women.

    It makes sense to me. Noise seems an interuption to me where most of the men in my life seem not to notice sounds…

    I am keeping my sound very low on my computer now. And turning it to mute may indeed be a better idea.

    Thank you for coming by Stacey. Nice to meet you.

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