The Process – 513 days

Cleansing the mind of mental madness is normal human activity. When the dots run out it’s time to jump; land elsewhere. Things unspoken become clearer. You can visualize remembering both good and not so good again. And this is OK. Interacting with those feelings, one needs become fearless for instants, seeking the other side. How did you look while he was looking at you looking at him.

In time, I find this becomes possible. You begin to feel the anger. Then the ahn yah breath. Finally, it bursts. The lapse pre-burst time could be days, minutes, even years. Does it get easier I asked myself. No I answer. But the mental state of mind increases in size, categorizing knowledge, post-burst. And life begins anew.

Today I have been clean of GHB for 513 days.

Jessica Doyle - clean day count - 513 days. EastVanEsica 2007

The previous day count posted was – Lucidity – Full Feature

I used this site’s counter – NA Ohio Clean Time Counter. These counters can be found all over the world. I liked this one. Looks nice and has an easy drop-down menu for month, day and year choices. Go count! You might be delightfully surprised and grateful.

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6 thoughts on “The Process – 513 days”

  1. I think anyone who logs themselves online can find what they need or are searching for. This day counter happened to make my day.

    I’ve got some fight in me still Mr. Angry.


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