Could you be the one – Rommate Wanted

UPDATE – Coming in February – Joy!. We will be roommates. :D. Spencer found a place on Salt Spring Island and the other female didn’t call me back. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Having a roommate named Joy is simply Happy Happy Joy Joy!

At this moment I am playing the rental housing real estate game in Vancouver. Interesting to say the least. I am taking the Craigslist approach of looking. Thus far since posting I have shown the place once and am meeting another possible female roommate tomorrow afternoon. Earlier yesterday I met a friend of a friend’s. Could be ok except for the amount of TV she watches after work. I have had the cable disconnected. The female part (below in ad) is up for discussion as today I met a Spencer. We met at a café first, spoke for a bit, shared our computer knowledge and love for all things green and human (environment). Our interests seem to overlap and compliment eachother. We travelled back here so he could see the place. All seems well. I will hear back from him and also the friend’s friend (Joy) tomorrow.

05_snow_deck_jessicad.jpgLOL – told them I blog.
Joy was already familiar with it.
And it didn’t scare her off.
Wonder what Spencer thinks?

Want to share a 2 bedroom rental penthouse in East Vancouver.
(top 4th floor apartment)
I am enigmatic, a writer and artist. I work from home.

Roommate wanted for February 1st to share common expenses with.
Rent is 500 each. Power is 20-25 bi-monthly. Internet is 20 each per month.
I do eat meat occasionally.
But tend towards more a vegetarian with eggs and cheese diet and
the occassionally edible flowers.
I grow herbs, vegitables, flowers ect… in the summertime on the deck. You can too.
Are you someone who is not a slave to time.

The deck is 450 square feet with an unobstructed view of mountains and harbour to north.
Park across the street.
I walk or take the bus to where I need to go. There is parking on the street if you have an automobile.

I have 1 cat and another is cool! They would have a whole roof to play on.

I am female and would like a female roommate. I am 33. I do smoke.

Drop me a note if you believe we could be great roommates =).

If you are living in the Vancouver area and are looking for a great place to live with a !@#$% female send an email about !@#$% you TO: vanesica(AT)shaw{dot}ca

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6 thoughts on “Could you be the one – Rommate Wanted”

  1. Hi David – thanks dude. Once my offline life is a little more stable I’ll be blogging more. Between roommmate hunting and cleaning for the arrival of said roommmate I have been ultra busy.

  2. I hope you land the perfect roomie. You can use me as a reference!

    BTW, will be sending you some more images this week…help pay the bills!


  3. Thanks Chester – email them to me. And thanks about the reference. =)

    And a crop crop here
    And a crop crop there
    Here a crop
    There a crop
    Everywhere and image crop…

    East-Van-Esica has a blog
    E i E i O

  4. Hey!
    That is a good way to go about things, craigslist. I sold all of my extra junk, like a TV, spare laptop, lamps and more on craigslist.

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