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I am currently updating my blog to reflect my values, interests and passions. The Blogs I Read list on the front page sidebar are Blogs and sites I read regularly; meaning I read them sometimes once or more per day or I read them once a week, a month… (usually multiple posts at a time this way) and I read them because I am inspired by the Bloggers who create there. If you enjoy what you read here consider visiting them too.

On the links page, I list the Blogs I Read again. Below them are Blogrolling links; linking this Blog to other Blogs that I have something in common with. We share a love of gardening. We share being Canadian. We are artists. We are female. I will continue to ad them because it is cool to see a Blogroll that shares a common interest with this blog. These Blogrolls are human edited. There is enough overlap of bloggers and readers to a certain Blogroll to ween out dead links and spam. Bloggers linking together this way gives you another approach to searching the Blogosphere naturally. Currently I only am linked through the, I am Canadian Blogroll.

I have installed Snap Preview on this Blog – jessicadoyle.ca. Any link you hover above, you will see a preview of it, before you click out. This service is impressive. This service is free for Bloggers to use. It gives Internet users the ability to choose before clicking out. Snap Preview does not load if you happen to mouse over a link quickly but randomly (for me anyways), there is a tiny delay in load time. This is good for us. Only if you hover for a little larger smidgen of Internet-attention-span time will the preview begin to load.

Expect these links and Blogrolling links to be adjusted as my interests in the Blogosphere change. If you find your link removed please understand that it is in no way an attack on you personally. More than likely, I like to read your blog still, but need to calm the appearance of this Blog for my readers.

I am learning to adapt to using an RSS reader. You’ll probably find that I am subscribed to your blog instead. I am also learning about bookmarks using Delicious. I may install a delicious bookmarks link here.

This is part of my Blog housecleaning. I have strong interests in honesty, art creation and collaboration along with great creative writers. My offline and my online life co-exist. I am an artist. When things become unmanageable in either, one must stop, look inside herself and begin anew learning from both the good and not so good experiences that previously occurred. As with my deck garden I am clearing away debris from both my household and blog.

I am feeling well today. I am looking forward to learning again. February is just around the corner. May it be a month of honest reflection, sanctuary and sharing.

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10 thoughts on “Updating this blog to reflect”

  1. You are so right on with your second to last paragraph. I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been reassessing. I’ve tried to keep offline and online separate, but the only future I see is either dropping out of the blogosphere or bringing the two together.

    I like your human focus.

  2. Way to go Jessica. I’m also trying to clean up my website to better reflect my current and intentional state of mind. Most of it is internal changes, in thinking, in spirit, but I’m with you on trying to make the blog a better representation of “me.”

    Best of luck with the vision. I’ll be following along in my RSS reader.


  3. Jecklin – Yes, I am finding the two words need to co-exist in order to survive. We are what we are. Just like Popeye – I am what I y’am.

    Amos – Thanks Amos. I read your blog through RSS also. Feel fre to use the images again if you need to.

    Colin – Thank you. I have many ideas and hope to implement them one day at a time.

  4. wagonized – yes, february is appearing through the fog here in Vancouver. And it is looking good and full of optimism. I’m looking forward to conversing and creating more with you.

  5. i know this is totally unrelated to your post… but i saw this and thought of you and couldn’t resist posting it here!!! :)

    Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

  6. Robert – there is only so much one can do. It is the decision to leave certain things behind to focus on others without feeling guilty of leaving the others behind…

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