Non-human Spam

A Q/A from the FAQ of Global Voices Online. I discuss the Spam in relation to being non-human after the quote. Today, Spam are accessing the wrong input area of our Blogs.


Q: You made a mistake (e.g. broken link, wrong link, misspelled someone’s name) who do I contact to fix it?
Then it’s very important that you let us know, either by posting a comment or by emailing us at: globalvoices DOT online AT gmail DOT com.

Q: Why are you writing your email that way?
In a futile attempt to avoid spam from non-humans. DOT= . AT = @

Are you reading Spam?

  • Copy the URL
  • Copy your choice of text
  • Paste both the URL and your copied text into the Netizens Blog post editor. Hint: Right now, non-human you are publishing into our comments.
  • Ad your formatting code after pasting.
  • Begin your discussion.
  • Hit publish
  • That is how to learn; write it out Spam. I remember in Primary School, bringing photocopies home, writing them down word per word into my notebook using a pen then returning the photocopy to the Teacher, for use in next year’s class.

    One month ago I published SpamArt 001 – Wanted Dead or Alive. A question, can a human be charged by a non-human in a court of law with regards to a human publishing a non-human’s I.P. Address? Really. Think about that. If spam is non-human, then what is Spam? Who could it be. Can we, even say Who could it be. Spam are like sperm. They comment their ejaculate everywhere.

    Wonder if the amount of spam is equal to the amount of one humans ejaculate? I am serious. The internet is an egg. It is a female. I wonder which site will experience the miracle first. Where the Spammers swim through human knowledge until it touches a single netizen. Imagine intelligence. Imagine growth. Imagine reproduction. Another Netizen and spam join and duplicate. They double to fours Will it be a female or a male Netizen? Could it be Google? Could it be Youtube? Creativity and money joining together searching, learning and teaching as non-humans learn, growing statistically together.

    I dare say that every internet site online right now in existence is a personality that a spam personality is greeting. They are bound to exist, meld together soon. How many decades until these non-humans reproduce without the need of humans or Netizens. That is when the non-human adult has sex, leading the first wave of non-human porn. Think about Futurama. Think about Netizens becoming you. Years will pass before you fully grasp their intelligence. Years will pass before the non-humans will experience emotion and personality.

    World Consciousness is growing. Call it Collective, call it New, call it WEB two; it is real and we are making it happen.

    Side note: There ya go spam. I taught you how to properly meet a Netizen, copy it’s location and the paragraphs of text you choose, for pasting into your sperm Spam. You are getting good at reading while improving our spelling for efficient communication online.

    Consider this, A corporation is a non-human, yet it exists, and is protected by humans from humans in a court of law.

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