Thursday Thirteen – Dont let the bed bugs bite.

1. Joy, my new roommate moved in yesterday. Wow! As far as furniture and household items goes; what I was missing, she has and what she was missing, I have.

lookma_nohands_jessica.jpg2. I am looking for physically intensive part-time work in my neighborhood to pay my share of rent and utilities.

3. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow! **EDIT** I made it to the doc on the 15th** I’ve been ashamed for two months fearing calling my doctor. My anxiety level is high and concentrating is hard. I trust my doctor and wish I could have gone to visit her two months ago after Eric had left. I am hoping the doctor may be able to prescribe an aid to help with my focus and anxiety in order to become financially independent again. I have thoughts of giving up and succumbing to GHB addiction and have decided GHB is not worth it. A prescription is a drug nonetheless, but prescribed drugs are dose and ingredient consistent where illegal drugs are not.

4. Discovered earlier this week that I have f@#$ing Bleep Bleep bleepity BED BUGS in my apartment. The more humans the more bugs. May the infestation begin. Please read Friendly Considerations for an in depth look at what faces people when they move to Vancouver.

bedbug.jpg5. Pest control is arriving tomorrow. We have to pack everything in our apartment into garbage bags tonight, remove everything from the walls and pull all furniture out one foot from the walls. We must vacate for six hours with my cat while the exterminators do their work. The damn bed bugs are crawling up the pipes from below me. They are not in my bed. They are in the bathroom and under the sink.

6. Vancouver is experiencing a bed bug infestation right now. They are everywhere in the city; from the poorest to the richest neighborhoods. This sounds similar to what is happening in New York City.

7. I read every comment on this Blog of mine. It may take me a day or two to respond, sometime a alittle longer when outside/offline life is knocking at my door.

8. This week I weened myself off of Pepsi. On Sunday I had none and was miserable. I have been drinking only one can per day everyday this week. I am astonished with this as my previous intake of Pepsi was two liters or 12 cans per day. I have nothing to lose but weight! YES!

9. I am drinking herbal teas. I purchased Yerba Maté to have in the morning as a much safer organic alternative to Pepsi. I do not drink nor have ever enjoy the taste or smell of coffee. Switching to coffee from Pepsi would just be gross.

GHB bottle.10. I have been clean for 532 days of GHB. :) I plan on continuing to count the days when I feel like it. It boosts my self-esteem and is one choice I made and proud of.

11. I have achieved financial independence a few times during my life to the point where my debt has been minimal to non-existent. After a relationship/marriage breakup/divorce though I am left poorer while the man goes into a higher tax bracket. I have some tough emotions and negative feelings towards men. I will be seeking counseling for this in the near future.

12. Joy very recently went through a break-up as I did. Her older sister is an addict living on an unnamed Canadian City street. We speak openly about our issues and thus far are finding solace in, and encouraging each other to keep going, trust in our own decisions and most of all eat regular and healthy meals.

13. A special thank you to you, mom and dad for loving me from so far away.

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15 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Dont let the bed bugs bite.”

  1. Good luck with the new housemate – I’m sure you be fine once the bedbugs are dealt with. I think that may be worldwide, I read reports of outbreaks in Australia too.

    And awesome work staying clean too! I’m a cola abuser myself – I drink a sugar free variety to avoid weight issues.

  2. Congrats on all of the above (where appropriate) – especially # 8.

    I’ve been pop free in 2007 and have enjoyed feeling better for it.

  3. I’ve never been financially dependent on a man. That seems to drive them away…

    Good luck with this stuff. I kicked sugared soda years ago, it was good for ten pounds or so. (However, I’m a diet coke addict. One poison for another.)

  4. GEEZ, i thought i was the only one going through hell, get this Jessica, i JUST recently been dumped by my girl via EMAIL while i was on trip in Chile.
    Dropped coke/pepsi since i’ve been back and YES, i love Yerba Mate. green tea is killer too.
    looks like we got some sh!t to dialogue on.
    get at me, friend.

  5. I used to drink a lot of soda, but have completely stopped. In fact, I drank my first can of Diet Coke a while ago at my new job, and I didn’t like it one bit; it makes me thirsty, stupid when the whole point of drinking is to quench thirst.

    I drink green tea with jasmine and orange pekoe tea. On top of that, OJ some milk and from time to time a few energy drinks. They have these weird Japanese astronaut jelly drinks that I am fond of in Taiwan.

  6. Mr. Angry – As it turns out my roomate and I moved all our stuff out for nothing. Seems it is cockroaches crawling into our suite from underneath the kitchen sink. They gave us some sticky pads to catch them and make sure it is only cockroaches. They’ll be coming to check the pad this week.

    I tried diet soda and didn’t take a liking to it. Aspartame gives me headaches.

    Fraser – Congrats on being soda free. I am almost soda free. Just one can per day right now.

  7. Candice – I plan to be financially independent for the rest of my life. Congrats for being so in your life. I’ll be thinking of you on my way to independence. And diet pop… it’s just not the same :( I am attempting to not replace this one addiction for another.

    Rodrigo – So sorry to hear about your break-up. Via email oh *hug*. Much to talk about in future posts and comments for sure. Looking forward to seeing some new paintings/drawings from you.

    range – Aspartame gives me headaches. I can’t chew most gum for that reason. And I’m discovering tea like it’s never been steeped before!

    A little while back range I developped quite a taste for those energy drinks. OMG! I couldn’t go without them for a few weeks and abruptly stopped drinking them when I woke up to what was happening.

    I’ll buy some orange pekoe tea to try. Been drinking Detox tea I purchased from treatment last year. Very nice and mellow.

  8. I ended up on diet soda after drinking so much mountain dew it made me sick. 7 years ago now. I’ve gone back and forth between it and coffee as the major caffeine source.

    Also seconding the orange pekoe recommendation. I really like twinings’ ceylon pekoe.

    And thank you. (But my warning about men isn’t all light. I’m dreadful at relationships, in large part because of the independent streak, you really don’t want to be me. 😉 )

  9. Twinnings ceylon pekoe is great. Their earl grey is good too. I don’t drink that many energy drinks. The Weider drinks I am talking about supplement your diet with vitamins. They are from Japan.

  10. Candice and range РI am convinced to try orange pekoe tea now. I have been testing out Yerba Mat̩ and thus far it seems promising. Though I have to dilute the serving and make two teas from the bag or my hands begin trembling.

    In the past for me it’s been easy to hook up in a relationship as an independent female. After the initial love and attraction that is when I seem to lose my grasp on myself, housework, working and relationship. This time around I used drugs to cope with all the responsibilities I had and in the end became dependent, after sobering up. My guts are in here.

    I have some Earl Grey range sitting on my counter :). I like it.

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  12. Be careful about any kind of Japanese energy drink. Many of them contain not only caffeine and vitamins etc, but also nicotine and other addictive substances. They call them genki drinks here. Stick to the tea where you know the only thing there is a little caffeine.

  13. karaoke queen – OMG. Nicotine? I had no idea that nicotine could be legally added to energy drinks. I’m off the energy drinks indefinitely. Teas are my choice now along with milk, soy milk and a can of pepsi a day (down from 2+L).

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