7 thoughts on “Erotic or Not”

  1. J. Tony Smith – disturbing perhaps. No one has written what they are. Care to take a guess? The things in these pictures are things we as humans see, use or are confronted with most days during our lifetime at one point or other.

    Fetishists! :)

  2. Sure, I’ll guess. I think the first one is a sneeze (or a couple of sneezes), while the second one is either the result of the sneeze or (more likely) bird poop on a recently cleaned car windsheild.

  3. J. Tony – You are correct with the last one being bird poop.

    The first two pics were rendered using a filter while taking the picture. The small on is just a funny face of myself. The first one though contains NO BODY PARTS below the waist. It also contains no Breasts.

    Care to guess again? 😉

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