The sickness and the voice

On Monday morning I awoke with a very sore throat at 8:30am. I was shivering. I went pee, drank a glass of water and went back to bed. I awoke at 2:30pm drenched in sweat. I thought good, the fever broke.

On Tuesday morning I awoke with the same very sore throat accompanied by swollen glands. Feeling no shivers or aches and pains I proceeded to go about my day. I sat down for the first time in weeks and joined in the conversation at Open Mic night on Successful Blog. They were talking about conferences. This was a great conversation for me. It had been weeks since I last participated and was feeling a little scared to jump back in. I did. I met some new folks.

On Wednesday morning I awoke with the same blasted sore throat accompanied by swollen glands and grumpiness.

Today I awoke and feel like shit. I’ve got that nasal congestion where you can breath fine, yet your sinus cavities are harboring all that nasty yellow mucous that only comes out if you snort inwards deeply into your throat and voilá a massive congested snot lands on a tissue after spitting it out.

Tonight Northern Voice Blogging Conference begins. I wanted to go to the opening dinner badly. I don’t believe I signed up for the dinner this week when the email was sent out to do so, as I am sick I would not be able to attend anyway. I don’t want to spread this around. I will be feeling better tomorrow – repeat ad nosium – i will be better tomorrow. That is all I can say. I am going to rest up tonight and slowly become familiar with what it is that I do in the Blogosphere again. Funny, maybe.

January and February passed so fast. What I don’t get is why I am physically sick this week. After talking to my doctor last Friday about mental health issues and her reassuring me that the way I handled this last round of three year boyfriend moves out in two hours leaving me high and dry, then the commencement of looking for a roommate and said roommate moving in and other unspoken of mean things, that I am doing as well as a normal person would given similar circumstances.

I have never been so happy to be considered normal as I was last Friday at the doctor’s office! And I suppose with being normal comes the normal common cold and/or flu. Damn!

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