Thursday Thirteen – Dont let the bed bugs bite.

1. Joy, my new roommate moved in yesterday. Wow! As far as furniture and household items goes; what I was missing, she has and what she was missing, I have.

lookma_nohands_jessica.jpg2. I am looking for physically intensive part-time work in my neighborhood to pay my share of rent and utilities.

3. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow! **EDIT** I made it to the doc on the 15th** I’ve been ashamed for two months fearing calling my doctor. My anxiety level is high and concentrating is hard. I trust my doctor and wish I could have gone to visit her two months ago after Eric had left. I am hoping the doctor may be able to prescribe an aid to help with my focus and anxiety in order to become financially independent again. I have thoughts of giving up and succumbing to GHB addiction and have decided GHB is not worth it. A prescription is a drug nonetheless, but prescribed drugs are dose and ingredient consistent where illegal drugs are not.

4. Discovered earlier this week that I have f@#$ing Bleep Bleep bleepity BED BUGS in my apartment. The more humans the more bugs. May the infestation begin. Please read Friendly Considerations for an in depth look at what faces people when they move to Vancouver.

bedbug.jpg5. Pest control is arriving tomorrow. We have to pack everything in our apartment into garbage bags tonight, remove everything from the walls and pull all furniture out one foot from the walls. We must vacate for six hours with my cat while the exterminators do their work. The damn bed bugs are crawling up the pipes from below me. They are not in my bed. They are in the bathroom and under the sink.

6. Vancouver is experiencing a bed bug infestation right now. They are everywhere in the city; from the poorest to the richest neighborhoods. This sounds similar to what is happening in New York City.

7. I read every comment on this Blog of mine. It may take me a day or two to respond, sometime a alittle longer when outside/offline life is knocking at my door.

8. This week I weened myself off of Pepsi. On Sunday I had none and was miserable. I have been drinking only one can per day everyday this week. I am astonished with this as my previous intake of Pepsi was two liters or 12 cans per day. I have nothing to lose but weight! YES!

9. I am drinking herbal teas. I purchased Yerba Maté to have in the morning as a much safer organic alternative to Pepsi. I do not drink nor have ever enjoy the taste or smell of coffee. Switching to coffee from Pepsi would just be gross.

GHB bottle.10. I have been clean for 532 days of GHB. :) I plan on continuing to count the days when I feel like it. It boosts my self-esteem and is one choice I made and proud of.

11. I have achieved financial independence a few times during my life to the point where my debt has been minimal to non-existent. After a relationship/marriage breakup/divorce though I am left poorer while the man goes into a higher tax bracket. I have some tough emotions and negative feelings towards men. I will be seeking counseling for this in the near future.

12. Joy very recently went through a break-up as I did. Her older sister is an addict living on an unnamed Canadian City street. We speak openly about our issues and thus far are finding solace in, and encouraging each other to keep going, trust in our own decisions and most of all eat regular and healthy meals.

13. A special thank you to you, mom and dad for loving me from so far away.

Stressing about starfish – blog update

Ever get close to seeing a goal fulfilled or acted upon and felt the insane pressure, creativity, learning, hyper-metaphysical endurance it takes for one to finally put something for sale on the internet to you, the unknown?

I present Star fish. la la laa

My apologies go out to all the men and women bloggers and human beings in the online/offline world this has affected. My outbursts of emotion and moral indignity have just gotten out of hand. I am a happy woman. Taking a step into the unknown betting, yes, I say betting because I am betting on behalf of mine own ass. I am. And so are all of you. Thus, this is life, learning and commerce and this is undeniably the way of the future.

On a formal note: I’ve chosen to sell my art offblog on other much more financially and spam secure, international artist, crafter and designer seller sites. I am registered with Cafepress, iStockphoto and Etsy.

This blog, this place is where I can be my personality; be me. My artwork for sale will remain offblog on the aforementioned sites i.e. original art, housewares and gifts, apparel and professional quality vector and raster image downloads available in eps, psd, ai and jpg.

I don’t pretend to know how other artists launch their careers online. This is how I am doing it. How’d you do it? OR “How yuu doin’?” in my best Joey Tribianni voice.

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Self discipline in a modern world rant

Find yourself asking why? Asking how come?
Just like TV, the Blogosphere has channels.
So many so that you can not count them.

When one is an actual blogger who posts to their own or on a multi-contributor blog telling the difference between law, Blogosphere law, all existing international laws, right and wrong, illegal or not supposed to do that and what about spam? Then their are splogs. There are celebrities and blogebrity’s. Mash-ups and rhapsodies. Link Fests and farms, scrapers and navigators, linkers and talkers, readers and commentators.

OMG and WTF Technorati 2000 bloggers.

I am telling you all to SHUT-UP already today.


Atlantic Canada Under Water – Illustration

acajessicadoyleca.jpgThis illustration appeared on the cover of Atlantic Coast Alliance Magazine ©2003. I rendered it using watercolor, ink and colored pencil as an illustrated representation of Atlantic Canadian Culture. Can you find them all? Click image for the larger magazine cover this illustration appeared on.

Ann of Green Gables • covered bridge • pottery • Dream Catcher • potatoes • lobster • whales • theater • fish • lighthouse • two tourists • vikings • clams • apples • four leaf clover • bagpipes • fiddle • camera • puffin • water • maple leaf

If you can’t find them and do not know what they are, each of the above words and phrases are linked off-blog for information. These aspects of Maritime life seem to be what the tourists enjoy most. I must say I don’t blame you one bit. These things are great.

Historical Fact about Maritime Lobster.

In North America prior to the 20th century, local lobster was not a popular food. In the Maritimes, eating lobster was considered a mark of poverty. In some parts of the Maritime provinces of Canada, lobster was used as a fertilizer for farmers’ fields, and a great deal of lobster was fed to slaves or the lower members of society.

While in Vancouver a century later…
Two weeks ago here in Vancouver the wealthiest of the wealthiest paid $500 a plate for such Maritime lobster. This dinner the wealthy attended is for future Stanly Park restoration and tree replanting. It is atrocious to think they flew lobster from 3000 km away causing more Global Warming which is the very thing that is attacking their precious Stanley Park to begin with. You can read more about the $500-a-plate Gala fundraiser – a tax-free night out for rich here.

As a side note – My current share of rent payable is $500 monthly. For the price of the food you ate in that one sitting, I have a roof over my head for one month. Think about that.

Non-human Spam

A Q/A from the FAQ of Global Voices Online. I discuss the Spam in relation to being non-human after the quote. Today, Spam are accessing the wrong input area of our Blogs.


Q: You made a mistake (e.g. broken link, wrong link, misspelled someone’s name) who do I contact to fix it?
Then it’s very important that you let us know, either by posting a comment or by emailing us at: globalvoices DOT online AT gmail DOT com.

Q: Why are you writing your email that way?
In a futile attempt to avoid spam from non-humans. DOT= . AT = @

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