It doesnt matter til later for scathing microscosms to spit up – sketch

Angry Pepsi Cigarettes Machine - EastVanEsica - 2007

Title – Scathing Microcosms
Medium – ink on acid free paper
Artist’s Statement – Angry Pepsi Cigarettes Machine

During the course of composing this post I’ve come to realize that all these thoughts and ideas of mine are not out of the ordinary. Maybe in smaller microcosms of human life they could be. I think about this like-mind thing that gets lots of press-time in the blogosphere. It has truly intrigued me. I am not alone… Repeat 1000 times.

To you Mr. Angry, your anger inspires me. If you can create while angry and be happy, I can too. I mustered up all the courage I had last night and drew a picture under the influence of anger. I smile now, but last night just like when writing this article tonight, I’m starting to see, what it is, that flares or fans the anger within me.

This has been a release post – this had to be right brain driven, because I know my left brain would say “Jessica, no you can’t.”

But I did.

Well it has been a while since publishing Angry Banking Snowball Poof. This is the afore quoted angry sketch drawn that fateful eve in late November 2006.

Good rid ens PEPSI!
On February 7th I secretly began drinking one can of Pepsi a day.
Today, one month later I am about 10 15 pounds lighter.
2L of Pepsi a day isn’t so PEP, si – eh?

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8 thoughts on “It doesnt matter til later for scathing microscosms to spit up – sketch”

  1. Ah PEPSI will be so much happier without you. You’ve grown so much, time to move on to big kid drinks like water and fruit juice!

  2. nakedpastor – The next thing I’m getting angry at cigarettes. Pepsi first then cigarettes. One addiction at a time. Smokes will be the final frontier when that time comes.

    Darren – Pepsi has been crying lately. I am drinking a lot of tea and yes, the other two adult drinks named water and juice.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I drank a soft drink. Probably a few weeks ago when I was sick because of Pizza Hut pizza. I drink other things, such as Weider Vitamin-In jelly drink and OJ. That Vitamin-In drink is Japanese and looks like something astronauts would drink. They also make an Energy-In drink, which is… you guessed it an energy drink.

    Still, they look all high-tech in those strange metallic colored pouches.

  4. range – i am drinking my ration of pepsi right now. One can or less per day. Viatmin in jelly sounds so “Jetsons” like! Interesting.

    edseverripit – ginger beer? i haven’t tried that one although have heard of it. Calpis water? That sounds different. I had to look that up.

    Calpis from wikipedia. Is that the one?

  5. Yep, that’s the one! :) The name varies from Calpis Water to Calpico depending on which asian shop is selling, but Calpico offers more flavours. Bundaberg ginger beer is the best!

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