Condom child

I sat in the doctors office on Friday afternoon, coming to terms with the fact that the Plan B pills had expired eight months earlier and that I needed a new prescription. The condom from the night before broke. How the hell does a condom break? We were smart, we talked openly discussing possible emergency contraception options. We were adults about it. The condom broke. We were both clean (that is no STD’s). We had talked about that before. We only needed to protect against pregnancy.

Four months earlier I would not have even considered taking the morning after pill. My doctor had prescribed it for me. I was angry when she prescribed it three years ago. I was no slut. I was in relationship with my ex. I was an addict. She knew this. This past week is chomping away at my belief system in how I came to believe the things I believe; believed.

I do not want a child right now.

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6 thoughts on “Condom child”

  1. Its amazing how a broken piece of latex can change your world view…

    Me and the hubby are actually trying to do what you are trying to avoid. But a year ago I would have been where you are.

  2. Hi karaoke queen. I had only read about condoms breaking. Never thought it would actually happen. I am doing ok. I had a good laugh and cry. Ultimately that little pice of latex didn’t work. For a day or so it felt like the end of the world, when actually the man and myself were smart and made the right decisions for both of us at this time.

    Sincerely, good luck to you and your husband with getting pregnant. The tides change and anything can happen. Sending fertile thoughts your way 😉

    I am ok, sitting here smiling. This was the right choice for me to make right now.

    Thanks for coming by to comment. We aren’t alone are we in whatever choices we make.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I really feel for you in this one. I was in a similar situation (from the guy-side) many years ago (1988), back before there was a morning after pill.

    For days, I walked around like a zombie, my body in a constant shiver of fear. I was in a commited relationship, someone I would have been willing to marry, but the worry when the condom broke was crushing.

    Luckily it turned out alright, and I’ve never had a condom break since, but that one time had me being especially careful ever since. I never want to live in that fear again, and I hope you won’t, too.

  4. Hi J. Tony

    Things are better now. There’s a humorous side to this… When i wasn’t angry I was laughing, writing or drawing. Writing it out always has a way of sorting it out. And thanks for sharing your experience from the past.

    I wonder if there is such a thing as spray-on-condom? Seriously this could work. Notice a break, simply spray more latex into place. We have spray on panty-hose why not condoms?


  5. Hey Stranger —

    I’ve been here before. It’s not a fun thing to go through – it happened to me at 16.. and then again later in my mid 20s.. neither was a very pleasant experience.

    I remember alot of panic.

    I’m sure that things will work out fine —

  6. As far as i know, I am not pregnant. Had the monthly cycle and all was fine.

    Yeah, the panic was the worst. No strike that – taking planB was the worst. No actually getting an IUD was the worst. Yes, getting an IUD was the worst.

    Now that it is all said and done I am fine and glad to have an IUD.

    Thanks for coming by Matt. Nice to see you out and about again.

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