Draw so you will not use drugs when the condom breaks – drawing

Condom Child

The doctor walked in and looked down at the pad of paper.

“Did you draw that?” she asked.

“Yes, I draw so I don’t use. Keeps me sane.” I smiled and stepped up to sit down on the examining room table two days ago.

Periodically, I can only draw
what I think and feel.
Words do no justice,
to emotions
with no name.

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5 thoughts on “Draw so you will not use drugs when the condom breaks – drawing”

  1. This is without a doubt one of the best functions of art – keeping you sane. You’d be amazed at how NON-angry I’ve been in my day to day life since I started blogging as Mr Angry. At least I’m amazed by it.

  2. It does keep a person sane. I wonder what the silent onlooker thinks… Stuff like this happens everyday to everyone and only a few, out of the multitudes create, any way they can those paintings of life for future record.

    Keep on gettin’ angry!


  3. I tend to use words to keep me sane but drawing or art is more visceral, more immediate and raw. One of the reasons I so enjoy your work Jessica. And what happened to that beanstalk? It made a brief appearance in my feed reader and then disappeared.

  4. Amos – nice to see you again. Glad you are enjoying the crazyness. My life isn’t all crazy although “crazy” sure makes for some decent creative streaks.

    The beanstalk is alive and well. Somehow it changed itself from being a published public post to being a private one. I have had this happen in the past too. Thanks for pointing it out to me Amos. :)

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