Spring is in the air – card design

02sm_astrocard_jessicadoyle.jpgWhile condoms aren’t breaking, I work as a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator. 😉

This is the front and back of a 4″ by 6″ promotion card for AstroNutrition. This will be going to press later today. Click images to left for larger.

The blossoms were drawn in Adobe Illustrator and later placed into the card design in Adobe inDesign.

the days of
Quark Xpress have passed…


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4 thoughts on “Spring is in the air – card design”

  1. I love the design, flower and bud and the message of spring renewal. The colors are perfect for spring.

  2. spring is great! it’s the second really sunny and cloud free day here of this year and you can see a smile on everyones face, just a fantastic season!

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