Happy Birthday Stephen – poem or lyrics

Today is my Brother Stephen’s 31st Birthday. Happy Birthday Stephen! I love you little brother.

There was a time when I was bigger than you.
That time wained in our teens
when you sprouted those inches
and to this day, remain bigger than me.

You loved me unconditionally —– little brother—.
You stood up
for me when things got tuff
with my ex’s or —– outta hand.
You helped me during those rough times an’ in my teens and twenties.

And now today you are 31 little brother
and I your big sister couldn’t be more proud of you
for going after your dreams
and always living life to it’s fullest.

You made me both laugh and scream with your childhood antics,
yet through it all we remained friends and siblings, forever ecstatic!

You were fascinated with fire,
with wood and all things creepy crawly.
I remember joining you
roaming these woods
in search of bull frogs and grass snakes
baiting lines with minnows
and cooking mud cakes!

We raced your dinky cars down the stairs
through the front hallway
then kitchen,
onwards and downwards
they flew off
their shiny blue
and yellow lined track.

I remember the day I moved away
leaving for college
you drove me to the corner store
to pick up some smokes.
A song on the radio I loved
began to play.

We continued driving in silence
while the song played out,
even though I had said “oh lets go home”.
You replied “You love this song.”
and continued cruising
through the old neighborhood.

I wish I could have been nicer,
taking back all the yelling and sarcastic remarks.

Really though,
today little brother
you are as dear to me now as you were back then.

Love Jessica.
PS – Hope we get to play in the sand this summer, whether it be here in Wild West or there, Back East.

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