Given that erotica can come in many forms

On any given Sunday
a person is taking drugs,
this person consuming substances
incommensurately, they begin
the adjustment
deep within
the chasm lurking inside looking out.

Popping and chomping they spit-it down
tasting raw chemical…

the brains pharmaceutical.

On any given Monday,
at your place of work
a bleary-cheery-wide – eyed
sit within
your periphery vision.

The night before she popped a pill
igniting the charge
exploding resinous sinew delightful and askew.

Tuesday she appears weary
withdrawn and aloof

creatively debunk.



On that given Wednesday
you regard her close-ly,
observing rhythm.
Her aura exudes
one glorious hue.

Pleasant and perfected silence pardons the view.
She strides right past you slapping staring eyes frank
languid and regarding
your lair.
4 eyes locked and
an other two; a third, preparing.

Thursday morning she strides over… across
sitting between you
and your computer
she bucks her hips and shakes her hair
beginning the humping
YOU dreampt of this affair!

You know you want her
and grab that hair
the denouement
can’t be fair

for the boss walks in
you tug her away
he walks on over
tapping her shoulder

“may I join this – Claire?”

Unbuttoning his trowsers his wares appear
you grimace… oh despair

your cock a stick
a mushroom capped pencil
whom she couldn’t,

she wouldn’t…

she stands looking over
over there

she grabs the bosses briefs
lightly squeezing

flinching flinching

fuck yeah
she – dared.

And on that given Friday
your mind tormented, not knowing
skin tingling…

endomorphism’s fading.
A dozen hours ago.

On Saturday you arise
walk over then down and smile after a while
A dream;
a benign hindsight?

On any given Sunday a person is not taking drugs.
You wonder,
thinking about her
at work tomorrow morning.

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