Top 25 referring sources to

Listed below are this Blog’s top 25 out of 276 referring sources from January 01/2007 to today. Without all of you sending me readers, this blog would be lonely. Thank you for your continued support, friendship and ongoing conversation.

  1. Google (organic)
  2. Direct – no referral
  3. msn (organic)
  4. Yahoo (organic)
  5. Deezone
  7. Search (organic)
  8. Technorati
  9. CoComment
  10. The Angry Aussie
  11. MyBlogLog
  12. AOL (organic)
  13. Ameanet (not safe for work)
  14. Digg
  15. Studio Pradel and The Scott English Show tied for 15th place
  16. Got a Shot of Inner Fuel, Canadian Blogosphere and Google tied for 16th place
  17. Stumble Upon
  18. Craigslist Vancouver
  19. Wagonized
  20. Griffinopolis
  21. Altavista (organic) and Cognivi (not safe for work) tied for 21st place
  22. Google Mail
  23. Techvibes
  24. Ice Rocket and Double Decker Buses tied for 24th place
  25. The Blog Herald, Successful Blog and The Memoirs tied for 25th place
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