5 thoughts on “Dead Bug Walking – ink drawing”

  1. Is the logo protection against copying? If it is, good, keep your work safe, stick a creativity license like I’ve got on Eternal Catharsis and protect it, for all creative works are precious things.

  2. Hey edseverripit – Yes, I would say that it is a simple form of protection that I use. Anyone though with decent photoshop skills could easily take it off and replace it with their own signature.

    That is on my to do list this week. Find a disclosure plugin and also update the copyright and creative commons licenses. It is something I flip back and forth on. My content is is being stolen in ways that are not kind. But there are many who use my work and place proper attribution with it. The latter makes me happy. The stealing doesn’t and perhaps someday there will be a way to keep an eye on it better than just using spam/splog and google alerts.

    I will go see what you have your blog. Thanks for the question dude :)

  3. I put an ID on all my videos. But there is no shortage of cretins in this world who will go to whatever lengths necessary to remove ID from your work and try to take credit. Still, you gotta try.

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