About learning to take things seriously when needed and hapazardly when things are not that important

Switching on intelligence is at most difficult when one is faced with making life’s decisions. Being ruled by the heart can be whimsical at times yet underrated as a form of intelligence most of the time. Written in anger, not really. We need to believe there is something larger than ourselves to exist. You are not the only human being living on earth and neither am I. What is the price tag for human life? What is it that causes us to measure a person’s wealth by currency alone?

We all know this isn’t true. On a deeper emotional level, it hurts knowing that the almighty dollar, is just a dollar; a piece of paper or metal and now digital numerics for what? Numbers are universal. No, arithmetic is universal and perhaps one other thing.


So the good art. The bad art. Good art and bad art. Good Grover, bad Grover, near. far.

Returning back to the discussion at hand, I must say that veering off into an intelligence, present and rarely used to it’s capacity, is, fun. I was in search of answers this last week. I unplugged myself for nearly three days. I hung out with my closest friends.

Good friends have a way of leveling things out for you. With you? The conversation is grand, common and mutually honest. We share hugs and kisses. We cry, we listen. We understand. We eat.

Hap-hazardously living lately describes well the months of January, February and March of this Blog. Not really knowing or being just moving along, absorbing outward stimuli. I found I had to stop everything and decide. I needed space to think, to ponder and eventually recognize and choose whether to **stay or go. I have been overextending myself, hands in a little but not really in all the way with people, places, countries, genres, beliefs.

Fear alone does guide us occasionally. Eventually this fear materializes and you recognize what it is and accept it. It really is all one needs do.

A couple of friends have written these sentiments in my journal(s) upon asking them to draw, or them asking me to draw, in it. Collectively, they wrote and drew of eyes and masses. There are so many of us. Is that significant? Only if you believe it to be.

Trivialities are not life. Life is serious business.

Swallow the shit but never forget to poop it out of ya.
What goes in, must come out.

**The choice was to stay in Vancouver or go Back East to Saint John. Ha ha I got you. I will always blog as long as I am capable. To blog or not to blog was never the question.

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