Open Mic night at Successful Blog tonight is about ART

Calling all artists to come and join into the conversation this evening at The mic is on and we’re ART crazy!
Liz is a gracious host along with the many other people who come and join in the conversation.
It is fun, educational and new people are always welcome.

I’m tagging Rodrigo, Robert, France, David, Jecklin, Candy and Mr. Angry.

Hope to see you guys there. :) I’m off for my dinner date. I’ll be there by eight.

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5 thoughts on “Open Mic night at Successful Blog tonight is about ART”

  1. BTW:

    should I post about breathing sometime? Is that something you’d like?

    let me know.

    if not, I might do it anyway.

  2. I’ll bring the experiment link with me Jecklin. I’ll be heading over very shortly. Enjoy your evening and sweet dreams.

    Posting about breathing would be way cool. Way. :):):)

  3. Hi nakedpastor – I’m over there right now. We are experiencing some technical difficulties with regards to commenting. I read someone said hi David and then I looked for your comment but could find none. I’m gonna hang around over there for a bit and continue talking about art.

    Were you able to comment?

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