Chocolate Chip Cookie Flowers – illustration and contest

Chocolate Chip Cookie Flowers - Illustration - JB

Title – Chocolate Chip Cookie Flowers
Medium – watercolor, micron 005 pen and colored pencil on cold press watercolor paper
Paper size – 4″X10″ (10.2cm X 25.3cm)
Painting size – 33/16” X 93/16” (8.1cm X 23.3cm)

Artist Statement – These edible flowers have little winged chocolate chip cookie bugs that survive on the nectar of this species. Think of this as an orchid; without each other, neither would survive.

Price – $400CDN ($350US)
Please use the contact form on this Blog to send me your mailing address for shipping. After the paypal payment has been approved and accepted, I will package and mail your purchase the following day.
Thank you.

EDIT – Until I learn how to embed the paypal button you cannot purchase this illustration. In the mean time enter the contest below. Button has been removed.

Close-up of one of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Flowers - JB

This is a rare illustration signed with my married name of JB not JD (Jessica Doyle). I have since divorced and returned to legally signing my maiden name of Doyle. For close to three years I mostly used my legal married name when signing illustration and/or art.

The contest – Can you guess what my married name was?

The Signature - JB 2000 - Can you guess what my married name was? Begins with "B".This contest is open to anyone who does not know me in real life; that is, anyone who has met and spoken with me offline cannot enter this contest. Anyone who knows me solely from being online can enter this contest. As far as I know there exists only a few references containing my married name that begins with the letter B online.

Are you smart enough to find my married name? If you are and you guess the right name with the proper spelling by leaving your guess as a comment on this post, I will email you a 300dpi ready for print jpg of the above Chocolate Chip Cookie Flower illustration for your personal enjoyment.

Happy guessing!

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4 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookie Flowers – illustration and contest”

  1. In that second illustration clip, it reminded me of my polycistic ovaries! LOL

    You have such talent… I wish I could draw like that. *le sigh*
    I hope someone buys it from you! =)


  2. Bonita – Polycystic ovearies – ouch. That second pic reminds me a brown potato with little red potatoes sprouting from it. LOL! I hope someone buys it to. *hugs* to you 😉

  3. Cookie flowers! Something out of a kid’s wonderland :) That is very inventive of you. I could picture a grass jelly riverbank with these flowers poking out, with the river being made out of milk :)

  4. Edseverripit – When in college ten years ago I did an independent study into children’s illustration for one semester in New Brunswick. I like drawing for kids. A river out of milk would be cool for all the kids to dip their edible flowers into. 😉

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