Idel-de-di-dally tiddlely widdly beanstalks were vectorized

© Vector Beanstocks

The beanstalks were drawn by hand in pen right before they vectorized.!

These three beanstalks will be available in my ART SHOP on April 26, 2008 as a print. Until then have a visit to it! Enjoy!


© BeanstalkWomyn Artists: Paperbullet, Wagonized and Breeze.

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4 thoughts on “Idel-de-di-dally tiddlely widdly beanstalks were vectorized”

  1. They are three separate drawings Mr. Angry. I initially drew the the white and black one first in illustrator. I then copied it twice and adjusted the colours to represent a live beanstalk (green) and a dead one (grayscale). I love Jack – flashbacks.

  2. Bonita – I leanred the basics when I attended college in the early nineties. I had about 9 years working on my own within Adobe Illustrator. In 2005 I studied Illustrator again. It is one of my favorite pieces of software to design/draw in.

    How’d ya learn?


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