There is blood on the bed and another dead bug taped to art paper

Which is paint, blood or bug?Since having an IUD inserted six weeks ago, I have noticed an increase in blood flow during menstruation. The keeper is just not cutting it. The keeper keeps the blood in but there is no overflow protection, therefore I must resort to emptying it every 6 hours not 12. I sleep longer than six hours. This angers me. I don’t mind stained sheets. These are new sheets though that I received as a Christmas gift and they are white.

No, they are white, red and now come accompanied with a little bug. This bug is named Bed. It bit me. I didn’t know it was biting. I was sleeping while it dined on my blood. Why all of a sudden is there a bug in my bed.

I had been laying on my back sound asleep. I woke up with this immense full feeling in my lower abdomen and ran to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet. So much blood.

The reusable menstrual cups (keepers) are designed to hold roughly 30 mL (1 ounce) of fluid, which is a third of the entire volume of blood lost in an average woman’s period.

36 48 hours into this period and I have lost 4 ounces of blood. I’d gather a guess closer to 5, likely, more. Womyn get the more part. For you men, we lose blood sitting on the toilet, standing up from the toilet only to have to sit back down again to leak more menses, when we are in the shower, when we are in bed, when we brush our teeth, go to work and then back home again. :)

After sitting on the toilet, I drank a glass of water and returned to bed. I felt disoriented, not quite awake. An hour later I awake to urban noise as per usual (even though I sleep with earplugs) peering straight ahead not quite focused I see a flat red dot move, then dart directly under the duvet cover close to my nose. Vaguely thinking “that wasn’t real” I snap my right hand up and slide the flat red dot on and in between the thumb and middle finger. My eyes brightened, focused and realized in horror that this red dot moved. I slightly squeezed and it popped.

All this blood squirted from between my two little fingers. Squirt, leak, melted. Then the dot was paper thin. It had been but one sixteenth of an inch a milli-second before. I sat up and looked. A dead bug no longer walking. In haste, I wiped it down on the orangish panel wood floor from my fingers. I haven’t been able to go back in and wipe the dead bug up. I think I’ll use clear tape.

I didn’t make this up you guys. The Dead bug walking post published a couple of days ago was of a dead bug walking and is purely coincidental that a dead bug indeed walked (right past my nose and at that distance from the human eye appeared the size of an elephant).

Next Day – I used clear packing tape to lift the remains of the dead bug up off the floor. I stuck this taped red dot dead bug to one of Rodrigo Pradel’s MailArt Paintings. Yes, his MailArt arrived and I have begun working on them. :)

Now there are two dead bugs taped to paper. I never thought I would create dead bug art.


bedbug.jpgI murdered a cockroach.
Dead Bug Walking – Illustration
Female Hysteria – aids that every woman appreciates
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  1. Congratulations on the milestone Jessica. And congratulations also for tapping into deep male squeamishness about female bodily functions đŸ˜‰

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