Goals for the Lovely Month of May with Moon

Early Morning MoonLearn to manage time effectively.

During the month of May
I go to be tested for
ADHD -eh.

On a waiting list for 18 months.
This is a long time.

I got the call:
“Ahhhhhh really…
Whaaaaaaaaaa?” went I.

To be living in a friendly bug environment. That is, bugs that drink human blood for a living are not welcome. This brings thoughts of returning to a vegetarian diet with dairy products and fish diet.

Go to orientation at Gallery Gachet.

MailArt continues. New MailArt to send and pics of what has been sent and since arrived.

Blog about design. GULP the fear. I will be shedding fur on this. Take the fracking word “expert” off of my resume. Dammit. Old habits die hard. Think abote dat. Writing down expert is what I learned to do. Notice past tense.

A shot of my computer monitor in 2004

Ask questions when uncertain before whirlwinds ensue!

Purchase missing/lost mini-dv camera parts so I can snap pretty pictures. It is not possible to scan my garden. What would the neighbors think? Agfa hovers above my garden. A bright white light… mania ensues. Google knows.

Find my memory. Joking.

This is funny.
Kitchen table and no chairs.
Drafting table and no drafting table chair.
Two love seats and no coffee table.

Officially announce that I joined the experiment.

I am now a Scientologist. That is a joke to. I can identify with being Catholic as I was raised such, and have that guilt that many people whisper of. Is that what I believe. I believe in people, ideas and common ground. Public ground? Does belief hurt?

Be kind to the unknown.

Plant tomatoes and other warmer weather lovers.

Revisit the idea of routine.

Right the wrongs and be.

Practice coding.

Strive to do what you write and say what you believe.

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