I should make that EYE sEE U button a million dollar donation button

and then spend the money on pens.

  • Happy Happy Technorati! :)
  • You guys love that button.
    Never has a button on this Blog received so much attention.
    I didn’t even have to announce anything of it
    and you Bloggers just keep hitting it.


    Thank you.

    EYE sEE U has been a test brought to you by, jessicadoyle.ca

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    4 thoughts on “I should make that EYE sEE U button a million dollar donation button”

    1. Pens.
      I could spend thousands of dollars (NT dollars) on pens. I just love them.

      I just bought the Petit1 Pilot fountain pens, they are interesting to work with. I don’t like the Pitt Faber-Castell pens that much, because they are too “wet” to work with on paper sometimes.

      I really love oil pastels, but they make everything dirty (pages of paperblogs and etc).

      I’m still looking for more inking solutions. I remember some sets of inking pens from Canada, I’ll try to find similar ones here. They are less expensive here though.

    2. Pilot is one of the best. I’m in love with the Pilot G-tec-C4 pen. It has this .o4 writing tip and it is ballpoint. Only a few places carry the black, red and blue choices here. They do make the full rainbow.

      I’ll check out the Petit1 Pilot. Have you tried Micron? I wrote and drew for a year once with those. Oil pastels – haven’t touched them in years. Ever used Chalk pastel?

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