About picking caterpillars off friends

You stare. It stares. It begins.

The bugs march to and fro throughout this dwelling high and low. Be
ware deviants.

So much paper. Must be cleaned. How does one clean paper? Sweep it?

Pest control arrived and delivered the chemical.

Dousing nooks and crannies. Angry? Yes.

Angry at you? No.

Dealing with a nuisance.

You know, I didn’t grow up with Cockroaches and Bed Bugs. They had been annihilated fifty years earlier. They’re the nightmare nursery rhyme come to life that Dad used to sing when tucking me in for bed at age 8.

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite…” and his voice trailed off and I wondered about bed bugs crawling on me. Don’t get me wrong, I lived through my share of mosquito infestations, no-see-ems, black flies, army worms, locust plague, red salt water jellyfish attacks and lets not forget the giant black flying ants that only hatch or grow wings, once every three to five years for 24 hours infestation. That’s it. You run for the nearest shelter. Once they land they crawl; they mate and die.

Oh that’s a pretty one.

Daily we picked caterpillars out of each other’s hair. All the girls in the neighborhood had long waist length hair. We were tomboys. We watched all the fruit trees die in our neighborhood three times while in elementary school. All the families began wrapping tin foil around trunks of any species of tree the worms preferred for diet. They were always falling on our heads from trees. Plunk. Awah – hey look at this one; it’s special. There were pretty ones that stood out when sidewalks, roads, driveways, lawns, rooftops, trees and walls from the millions scavenging green vegetation surrounding you. Those hundreds, were pastel and vibrant hued caterpillar creatures. The butterflies were gorgeous during those years.

Nature was stakeholder with the above masses. Bed Bugs are not so. These bugs are human engineered and nature has no part in either their lives or deaths.

The city IS their natural environment.

I could never figure out WHY people from the city would freak jumping up and down when around mosquitoes or black flies OUTSIDE. Moments later, their skin’s surface blotchy with red patches from bites or stings. Right now I freak as they did except INSIDE and squirm around and whack anything that moves with paper or hand.

Time to buy a swatter and fight.

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4 thoughts on “About picking caterpillars off friends”

  1. Have I mentioned yet the tropical flying roaches we have down here? They are freaky. And big.

    My dog catches them for me, though, so it’s all good.

    I’d suggest large books or big heeled shoes for killing them.

  2. A friend of mine who visited Japan met up with those flying roaches. OMG! The roaches don’t bug me so much as they are few and far between. It’s the bed bugs that make me squeam. My cat too, finds it entertaining.

    Big healed shoes! Woot!

  3. Hi
    I was reading your blog and I would like to know how are you doing back East? I live in Victoria and I am planing to move to St. John. As you said, things here are crazy, I love the Island but the prices of every are incredable.

    Could you give me some insides on living in New Brunswick, how is the weather compare with Vancouver, how is the city….

    No, like you I don’t have family in NB it would be just me, my husband and my lovely dog.

    I would really apreciate your comments.


  4. Hi Illeana

    NB is certainly not Bc and vice versa. Prices are skyrocketing here to especially in real estate. Prices have risen about 70% in the last year. When compared to BC though prices remain reasonable here.

    Many people who move here love it. Most days I do. Honestly, I am still finding my way here.

    The downtown core of the city is pretty cool. Many markets and eccentricities to explore and take in.

    Saint John has the mildest winter of all Maritime cities. We tend to get rain and freezing rain rather than snow. Our summers are great here! Fall is beautiful. It is colder in the winter here. The winter last about 5 months. We get above freezing temperatures often but we do get the deep freeze sometimes. Spring last about 2 months. summer lasts about 4 months and fall lasts about 1. the seasons change rapidly here where in BC they ebb along slowly.

    Definitely take a trip to Rockwood park. It is the largest inner city park in all of Canada and is dog friendly off leash in certain areas. There are two main lakes and there and many hiking trails. The ocean is about 5 minutes away from anywhere in the city.

    Here is some reading to check out:

    Wikipedia’s Saint John entry is a fairly decent read.

    Have a look at their external links for the city. They link to all the main sites.

    Nice to meet you! When do you plan to move?

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