What was going on in my head before Monday night

The decision being made is one of wordly significance offline. Online, however I’ll still be here at the same domain.

Tonight I’ll be attending an orientation session at Gallery Gachet. After that I’ll be deciding whether to move cross continent travelling East to New Brunswick on the Atlantic Coast of Canada from Vancouver, here on the West Coast.

I want to say I feel defeated here in Vancouver but that is not the case. I feel good, but you know something is amiss when you are having nightmares over and over again running from war in your own hometown. I have been living in Vancouver for just over 4 years. Vancouver is not as big as other cities and certainly not as small as the one that I am from.

The rents are killing me. After my ex-roommate moved out I was left having to pay an extra $750Cdn to cover her half of the damage deposit and her half of rent plus the following months rent of $1000. I can’t do it. I worked really hard last month and i have been working really hard this month thus far. The landlord was nice giving me two months to pay the damage deposit and three months to pay off the remainder of the rent. I am still short.

There are 15 garbage bags sitting, sunning outside on my deck. Dealing with bed bugs is not like dealing with any other bug or infestation ever. You have to literally live out of garbage bags for 2 weeks or until you have laundered ALL your fabric items and place them in air tight bags again until after the second spraying for bed bugs. This is expensive and takes time when you do not own a washer/dryer and have no car. The world certainly doesn’t stop. I don’t qualify for a rent subsidy because my rent is $125 more than the cut-off of $875 rent they allow for the application.

I love my apartment. Out East I could own two homes for the price I am paying in rent here but it wouldn’t be Vancouver.

My family is all back East. My parents are retiring in the next few years. My grandmother will be turning 94 this year.

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